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Ambassadors Wanted

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You’re planning a visit to a big destination or maybe you’re looking for a local gem. You need real information on how to get around, where to find the best cruisers or steeps or bumps. What about the tree skiing? Where is the best place to park or is there a shuttle? What about a place for a quick lunch? For the last couple of seasons EpicSki’s Resort Ambassadors have shared with you their knowledge and passion for their home mountain.  You may have noticed Unofficial Guides featured in the carousel or in rotation in our Home Page Features. Maybe you clicked through the links in the Resort, Conditions & Travel Forum Banner. It is in these unofficial guides you will find this type of useful information.


Would you like the opportunity to represent your favorite mountain here on Epic? We are always looking for folks who love to write, photograph, and share their passion and inside information on the mountain they call home. Over the last couple of seasons EpicSki Resort Ambassadors have contributed detailed Unofficial Guides and reviews that have provided our readers with great inside information on resorts they plan to visit. Ambassadors have answered questions in the forums concerning their resorts. Our Ambassadors have also met up with and skied other visiting members.  Right now our EpicSki Ambassadors represent about 100 Resorts, most here in North America but also a few in Europe as well. If this is something you’re interested in trying, send me a Private Message and tell me what resort you’d like to represent and I’ll get you started. Next go to your resorts page in our Resort Guide  and get familiar with the lay out.


What does being an EpicSki Resort Ambassador entail? On the most basic level it means maintaining your resort’s web page here in our Resort Guide (about as easy as making and editing a post), posting a review of your mountain, and answering reader’s questions in the forums. We hope you would be inspired to write an Unofficial Guide and share that with our community.


What’s in it for you? Well, mostly it's the pleasure of showing off your mountain to appreciative readers who will regard you as the local expert. You will have access to a private Ambassadors forum where we share learning and discuss the challenges and rewards of the job and also will have access to the EpicSki Passholders Forum where you can talk about whatever you want and can get to know your fellow members in a wider context. There's more, but we'd like to save that information for after you volunteer, so we don't exert any undue influence on your decision.

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