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Toes fall asleep

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So new boots and toes are falling asleep all across the front after about 20 mins.

I have tried a few things, heal lifts, boot stretching. The boots are a close fit but nothing out out of the ordinary fitted by a good fitter. It's not the first time I've had this problem I will get it on a bigger sized boot also.

The problem appears in either foot after about 20 mins even with the boots not done up, liners worn on their own are fine. Tight calfs high instep and high arches probably don't help. Apart from stretching more and more I'm running out of ideas ....... Thanks for any help.
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blood flow and nerve paths need a look.


instep bump, and behind inside and outside ankles.


give us more info on your foot size, boot size and model, pictures of your feet and calf. do you have a footbed? what type?



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what areas of the boot did your fitter stretch? or are you talking about stretching your tight calfs?



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