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Rossi Altack Pro 130 Plastic thin and torn brand new boot.

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As I have posted in another post I have been give a pair of ROSSI ALLTRACK PRO 130's. I started really looking at them and they have a weak spot in the plastic right below the upper cuff on the right boot the plastic is so thin it has pushed through and torn. this one spot is tin as paper.








See Pics. These boots are Brand NEW. Been put on and walked across the carpet in the house. Not one trail or peice of concrete has touched the soles and not one blemish, scar, or scatch anywhere on the boots. Brand New. Any advice would be helpfull. Who would I contact at Rossi? does anyone have an email address or something? Thanks for any help. The dang things are $600.00.

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I'm sure since these were a gift Rossi will do nothing. Thats what Im hearing anyway. If that is so are the boots still safe to ski? Any idea on repairs? Ill use them with COREUPT 186 SLASHER fat skis with SALOMON STH 14 bindings. They may just be trash i guess because snow would get in the hole. Dont know what to do?

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All boots are thin there and almost always cracks in that area are caused from not properly aligning the two sides of the lower shell when buckling.  It means the fault is yours.  However, my experience is that Rossi probably will help.  Have you tried a ski shop that sells Rossi?



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Ok thanks Mr.Lou. ill give a shop a try. I was just assuming (my being pesemistic) a shop wouldnt want to deal with my problem. Thanks for you help.
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well looking at the pictures, the plastic on the All Track pro is a matt finish, (except in that area, where it is gloss but not that shiny)the part which is damaged is very very shiny....can you tell us why?


my money is that the  boot has been heated /melted in that area, any ideas what was done..... no boot just comes out the factory like that, your first picture shows that the overlap has been incorrectly positioned at some point in putting the boot on, has someone tried to fix this and been a little too generous with the heat gun, it doesn't look like a tear, it looks more like it has been melted and split apart that way

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CEM, you are correct I'm guessing. When I got them home I unbuckled and slid my feet in. While doing this I noticed both boots had been at the least unbkled and rebuckled. I saw the same small scars where the overlap had not been laid back correctly and pinched crossways upon buckling.as soon as I spread em is when I saw the tear. I don't know anything about heating plastics especially boots, but from what you have said I can definitely feel that it is very very thin and soft. My Dalbello 120's are much much thicker (1/8") in that area and as whole the Dalbello is twice as stiff once on.
As I said they were given to me as new boots. As I'm learning this particular pair has a history. Now I do believe heat had something to do with these because I've just never seen the area in question so weakened as to be torn. I am now figuring out that thinning this area, or heating it the way it has been has also taken all of the stiffness out. Weakened the plastic.
I will say even when I put the boots on the overlap barely covers each flap by maybe 1/4". Or 1cm+. I have a flat foot pronated with a100mm last. Maybe if someone tried them on with a higher arch or fatter ancels they found the boot "just" overlapping and tried to have someone try and fix it. I'll guess they are going to be trash once I get someone to look at them. It's ashame because it would have been a really nice boot I think. I'm guessing they are dangerouse to use now. Thanks for your help brother. I appreciate you.
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