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MA 7 second gopro

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Hi All, 

Im just getting back into skiing this year after 10-15 years off and wanted to get some feedback on what Im doing right or wrong. Or as much as you can glean from this short FPV

 gopro clip.  Any tips appreciated !




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Gopro videos are really hard to assess since everything is skewed. We can only assess maybe 20% of a person's skiing through this kind of footage... 


It looks like your legs are turning independently - that's good. 


You may or may not be skiing primarily on your tails - tips look like they're in the air. You'll want to ski with a centered and mobile stance. 


Looks like there's a dead zone around the end of each turn where your skis stop turning. Generally, you want your skis to constantly be turning in one direction or another. 


The skis appear to mostly stay under your body rather than travelling out to the side. I say this based also on your shadow. May or may not be true. 


If you could have someone else take a video, we could give a better assessment. But for now, you appear to be skiing well, insofar as I can tell from gopro footage, for a person who's been away from the sport for 10? 15? years. 

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why do you turn? 

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