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Courmayeur and La Thuile Italy/La Rosiere France February 2014

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My trip began in Rome for work (well just outside of the city really) on Saturday February 15th. There I enjoyed great food and saw some of the sights. But on Friday February 21st I began my journey north to the Vallee d'Aosta on the border of Italy and France with Switzerland nearby as well. Unfortunately I got on the wrong (slow) train to Torino so it took me significantly longer to get there than I expected but I did finally make it. When I arrived I called my hotel and the most wonderful innkeeper ever arrived at the train station within minutes and whisked me away to dump the way too much luggage. I will be forever grateful to Alessandra at the Hotel Beau Sejour in Pre-Saint-Didier for all she did for me the entire stay. What I found out at the end of my stay is that they get very few Americans. In fact she could only remember 1 the entire previous year. 

When she delivered me to my room she told me I would have a view of the Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc) when I awoke. She wasn't kidding!



My first ski day was at Courmayeur. It was a beautiful bluebird day and while powder is always nice, being able to see the views was worth not having the powder for my first trip to the Alps.


My skis for the day at Courmayeur.



To be continued...

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My lunch that day was the best pizza I've ever had. What I wasn't prepared for was the need for reservations for lunch! I ended up sharing a table inside with a family from the UK. Here's my pizza.




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I tried to get into a group doing the Vallee Blanche but was unsuccessful. Someday I hope to go back to do it but took the opportunity to go to La Thuile which was about 30 minutes away by bus. This resort also connects to La Rosiere in France so I was able to ski over the border. I really enjoyed both of these resorts. There was a little bit of option to ski bumps and ungroomed snow. I liked this resort better than Courmayeur but would have loved to have a guide to take me off piste. If I ever go back I will hire one for the day. For this day I had a pair of Stockli Laser SL skis so it was fun to be on a skinny ski and play with them. I might need to add a pair back into my quiver.



WWII era fort



Slopeside cappuccino.




Lunch of cheese and french bread with rose wine.






Cabe car ride back to town.

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beautiful pic.'s and for sure it had to be great food.  better than the grub they dish out over here!

I like the view looking down from the tram.

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