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I Need New Skis - Any Advice is Appreciated

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Hi Fellow Ski Bums, 


After 10 days on the mountain so far this year, I have come to the conclusion that my 8 year old Elan Magfire 8 skis are ready for retirement.  (Thanks Dawg, they have served me well). 


I am 5'8", 210 pounds, 50 years old.  I am an advanced intermediate skier who at a younger age could not find a run too steep or bumps too big.  I ski lift serviced areas only (no hiking here) mainly in Colorado.  I like bowls and wide open runs that will allow me to take big turns at speed.  I also enjoy circling my favorite lifts at Crested Butte (paradise) and Keystone (Outback Express). I  generally spend 10-20 days a year skiing.  I love powder skiing but living in Austin, I get what I get when I go up to the mountains.  I need a do everything ski, that ever elusive one ski quiver.  


Following everyone's recommendations, I demo'd some skis this week but didn't fall in love with any of them.  


I demo'd the following:


Rossignol Experience 88 in a 178

Volkl Kendo in a 177

Armada TST in a 183

Rossignol Soul 7 in a 180


I think the 177-183 length is good for me.  I definitely would not go any shorter.  


I found the Experience 88 to be too turny for my taste; maybe too much sidecut. 

The Kendo was a solid ski but I didn't fall in love.

TST turned out to be my favorite of the bunch after getting used to the ski.  And it took a few runs to get comfortable on these skis.  I was able to ski fast and arc big turns nicely.  However, I didn't find it as playful as I would like.  That said, I did like the way it charged down the mountain. 

I didn't like the Soul 7.  Even though it is one of the best selling skis on the market, I found it to be loose (for lack of a better term).  Turn initiation was easy and I could throw the skis around where ever I wanted to, they just didn't feel as stable at speed as I would have liked.  Also, at the end of the day the skis seemed to get tossed around in the hard pack and grooves laid down by people skiing all day.


I did not get to ski any of the Blizzard line, which I really wanted to do.  


Based on my demo experience with the TST, I am really interested in the Armada ARV Ti.  It is a little narrower with more of a traditional shape with rocker and camber.  I wasn't able to demo these skis.


I am also intrigued by the Blizzard line.  After reading reviews, it sounds like either the Kabookie or the Peace Maker would be my choices.  I like the way the Armada skis have a turned up tail even though there isn't any rocker in the tail.  From the pictures, it looks like the Kabookie has a flat tail, which would make me want to lean toward the Peace Maker.  


Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


Ski on!!!  

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 I am 6"3 and about 235-240 and ski the Rossignol E88 with very impressive results, good all mountain ripper and does pretty darn good in powder as well, I found it skied better at a longer length so I went with a 186cm.   I am a ex-slalom racer so the E88 didn't feel too turning at all, for me. Blizzard is a underrated ski, and they are very good as well, I just demoed a pair yesterday and liked them a lot, again all depends what your looking for, the E88 gets great reviews but it is mostly for being able to handle a ton of different conditions. The Peace Maker is the one I tried yesterday and it was a friends of mine nice but didn't do as well on groomers here in the Midwest. Here is a review of the Soul and and Peacemaker you might try a the Rossignol 98 which I found skied much better in powder when I was out west last year, a good all mountain ski that skis like a GS if you like big fast turns where the E88 does quicker more snappy turns. You might want to look at some decent GS skis. 



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Thanks for the advice! After reading up on it, I do not think the peacemaker is the ski for me. The search for the one ski quiver continues!
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If I read your post correctly, you liked the TST a lot but it wasn't playful enough. The characteristics that make a ski playful are generally light weight, softish flex, and some component of rocker. All that is easy enough to find but the TST is a ski that already is one of the more playful skis around. To get something more playful than that will limit your choices somewhat but they will for sure exclude heavy, metal laden carvey type skis like the above mentioned Rossi. Skis like that are just about as far from playful as it's possible to get.


So.............Some skis that are soft, light, and nimble would include the following


Nordica Soul Rider

Line Sick Day 95

K2 Shreditor 102


(among others)

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I just picked up a pair of elan 88xti and although I haven't skied them yet, (hope to Friday) I would recommend at least checking them out.
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I took you advice to heart, and went with the Armada TSTs. I really did enjoy them on the mountain and I don't need something with all that metal. Phil hooked me up at Start Haus and it was a no brainer from that point. Can't wait to try them out before the end of the season!

Thanks SierraJim!
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