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Zipfit sizing and other questions

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So I'm looking at aftermarket liners to upgrade my feel in my boots and to be able to keep between different pairs of boots so that I can maintain a comfortable and performance oriented standard feel. I'm a little bit confused by all of the models that are available on the website, but believe that the Gran Prix model would be best for me. I'm in a 26.5 shell salomon x pro 90 (partially due to being an intermediate skier and partially because I weigh 155 and I didn't want to have a boot that was impossible to flex) and my foot measures pretty much exactly 26.5 cm when standing and weighted. For zipfit sizing, should I go with the 265 mm size or downsize it and maintain a tight fight by having the material stretch at my toes? Also, my second toe is slightly longer than my big toe, so I'm measuring from the back of my heel to that toe, not my big toe - will that affect sizing?


I use superfeet insoles currently, though i plan on getting custom insoles in a year or two when I get new boots. Is that something I should be taking into consideration?


Finally, there's no shop that I'm currently able to get to that sells zipfits, though there is a shop close that has a boot oven (for heating shells) that I could use to mold them.


Are there other things I should be taking into consideration? I can feel my current liner starting to pack out and I know it's going to happen more in the next weeks and season. Should I just buy a different, more stiff and downsized boot if I want a tighter fit or can this serve as an intermediate step so I don't have to spend a lot more money (I'm in college :().


Thanks for your help!


(as an aside, for foot size and such, anyone familiar with rock climbing, a 41 in la sportiva pythons is about the most perfect fit I can imagine around my foot - a decently high arch, skinny ankle, and my toes are slightly curled, so if I wanted them flat a 41.5 would be a good size, if that helps with how big my foot is and what fits it snugly - I'm not sure how much transfers to ski boots)

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1)   I would start with a custom footbed, rather then a liner.   Its aslo a LOT less money


2)  what is wrong with the feel of the current liner?


3)  what is the shell fit like in your current boots? (will help to determine what zip to order)

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Thanks for replying!


I'll just go ahead and answer in the points you made for simplicity's sake.


1) The only reason I went to zipfit first is because I can order it online and then have it warmed at my local shop, which I can easily get to. It's pretty much impossible for me to get to a shop that sells custom footbeds for a while. I'm away from home and transportation is highly limited for me. It would be months before I could do that and I would be going a fair amount out of my way. If you know of a good shop that does it around southwestern Virginia, that would make it easier for me, though it would be done during summer.


2) I can feel it packing out in certain spots and in general it doesn't feel super high quality/personally molded. The toe area is especially roomy (I say here more in width and height than length, as my toes all brush the liner when standing) and, given my climbing background, that's just something I'm not used to with performance footwear.


3) Probably more on the comfort side of things rather than performance. Barefoot and with my toes really pressed up against the front of the boot (as in all of them touching with force and not just lightly grazing) it's roughly 20 mm. With a sock on and more comfortably just grazing, it goes down to somewhere around 15-17mm. I don't have the most sophisticated tools for measurement, so I do my best on those measurements.


I've included some photos of my feet to see if that will help.


First, a close view of both ankles. Notice my right one has some swelling - this is not temporary, this is fairly permanent at this point.


Just a less focused view from the top down. My knees aren't directly on top of my ankles and my feet overpronate slightly.



The left inside view. I apologize for it being dark, but it was the only way I could get even lighting on my foot. My arch gets much lower when weighted (which all of these pictures are weighted). Also there is a slight bone protrusion on the top of my instep (accessory navicular?).



Left outside of the foot, with much better lighting. Rather flat from the slight overpronation. Also my calf is pretty skinny around this ankle.



Right inside view. I cut the toes off, I'm sorry, but I think this is the important part. Same accessory navicular appearance.



And right outside view - the swelling on the outside of my ankle is more noticeable here (at least to me).



Finally, a view of the rear of my feet. I know that it appears I am actually underpronating here - I promise you that I don't, it's just a weird angle and me having to sort of bend over to take this picture. Mostly this is to show calf size and ankle size, also ankle swelling as this is my right ankle.



I hope all of this helps!

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I think your boot shells are both too long, and too wide for you.   I would not put zips in a shell that is too big.


best way to get a better "feel" is to get a closer fitting shell, and keep the stock liner that comes with it.


adding zips and customs to a boot that is too big, is usually just thorwing away money,




but I have been wrong MANY times before, and this might all work great.


I would suggest a size 25 boot in 100-98mm and suggest reading this for shell fit.



if the basics are not right, the rest of the boot will also not be right.

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Hmmmm!  I don't usually find it necessary to downsize someone, especially an intermediate skier.  So I'll assume you are in the correct size.  But you may be in a completely wrong boot in terms of volume.  Have someone measure your width then we can assess whether the volume is correct.  I will agree with mtnlion that until we know the shell is correct I wouldn't go forward with a zipfit.



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I'm familiar with the what boot will work for me guide, I went there first before consulting these forums and tried to help myself. It was easiest for me to measure with my foot crammed in there due to minimal measurement tools available to me in my room. I realize that I'm slightly above the optimal range, but pretty close and far away from the "stop reading here" limit of 25mm.


As for foot width, I am at 101mm across the wide part of my forefoot. I believe my boots are 100mm, so I don't think that would be the incorrect last, though I don't know much about this.

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