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Red mountain Rentals

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I'm going to Red Mountain next week and I'm thinking about rental skis.

If I rent, what do I want? A Rossi S7? MAybe something 100mm under foot?

where can I rent? are there shops in Rossland that will have a better/cheaper selection than at the mountain?



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Stop in and talk to the guys at Jim Attridge. They can recommend the best ski for the conditions while you're there.
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They have an on-mountain demo centre, which from memory is next to the rental centre. When we were there they had Rossi's, blizzards, salomons and can't remember what else. They seemed to be pretty good about swapping skis during the day if what you were on wasn't working.


If you are keen on a particular ski and length it might pay to reserve it the day before you want it rather than wait until the day. Some demos were really popular so not always available in the mornings.

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