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ETU: Why Stowe and not Killington?

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I have looked back and cannot find my answer. It is just that I thought Killington was the premier Eastern ski hill so why has Stowe been chosen? I am just curious to know. Is Stowe more reliable for mid December snow or are they giving a great deal, or ?
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Hey, Newton,

Welcome to the forums.

Why Stowe instead of any number of other great Eastern hills?

Generally speaking, of course, we want to hold EpicSki Academy events at great ski areas, with outstanding terrain and facilities. The events also have to be held at ski areas that are enlightened enough to welcome us. That, in turn, is largely dependent on the attitude of the local Ski School Director.

Dave Merriam, the SSD at Stowe, is an enlightened progressive guy who not only welcomed us, but (I believe) plans to teach an ETU group. Similarly, Maggie Loring, who has the same job at Snowbird, welcomed us and is taking a group at the EpicSki Academy to be held in Utah next January/February. And Carolyn Fushimi, the Training Director at Brighton (where we held last year's Academy), will be taking a group at Snowbird this year.

Some of the folks who were directly involved in getting the ETU organized might want to chime in here. But I hope that's a start to answering your question.
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Welcome, Newton! I see you're from Way Down South. Is that near New Jersey?

Just kiddin. Will you be shufflin on up here for ETU?
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Thanks for your input, sno'more.

Why not Killington? Why not Okemo? Why not Mount Snow? Why not Sugaeloaf? etc etc etc.

A number of areas were considered, to be sure. Accessibility was one of the factors, but certainly not the only one.

Obtaining a venue at which to bring in an instruction event from outside the resort is not an easy task. Stowe is not only a truly premier resort, but Stowe expressed great interest in this event from the get-go. Also, Stowe has some of THE top instructors in the U.S. We were most fortunate in having a connection with Stowe, through our own epic - and as sno'more has said, Dave Merriam was most encouraging to us. He's the Ski School Director at Stowe, the head coach of all of the PSIA Demo Teams, and will be participating in the ETU event - plus, we've recruited other top coaches from Stowe, including the Instruction Editor of Ski Magazine, Stu Campbell.

The ink is dry on the contracts and plans have made by ETU and those who've booked lodging at Stowe. We're THERE!
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THE premiere resort in the east is obviously a matter of opinion, but few would argue that Stowe is not A premiere resort. I'm excited about the Eastern Tune-Up at Stowe, and deeply grateful to Stowe's management, in particular Dave Merriam, for welcoming us there. Combine a premiere resort like Stowe with some of the premiere instructors anywhere, add a few eager, talented students and a spritz of new snow--and you have a recipe for one great weekend!

Need to clarify one point, though, for accuracy. Dave Merriam will participate in the Eastern Tune-Up as a roving coach through the groups. He'll also take part in the evening presentation on Saturday. But he will not be able to take a full-time group himself, as other resort obligations will demand some of his attention.

Two months away and counting....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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