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Volkl vwerks rtm, impressions and.. What skis are comparable?

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Hey guys,
I've recently had the chance to demo some volkl vwerks rtm84.
First about me. 31y/o 5"11 190 lbs advanced east coast skier but I don't do bumps. So no bump feedback here.. Sorry. I've been demoing skis here at snowshoe mtn for the past 2 days. Conditions are a few fresh inches post warm rainy weekend. So everything was groomed hard pack with a little fresh stuff pushed around here and there.

Skis tried were the head rev 85 pro, volkl rtm 81, volkl kendo, volkl vwerks. The only brands they carry for demo are volkl, head, and Solomon. Bummer. It was a very slow mid week day. So I was able to make 7-8 runs on each ski back to back on the same group of trails which consisted of a few blues to get an overall feel and the rest being east coast blacks. Before I get to the topic at hand I'll give you a quick run down of the other skis so you know more of where I'm at with things in a comparative sense.

Head rev 85- fun, snappy, carved well, decent edge hold but I quickly found my speed limit on these skis. They skied slow and at high speeds charging down steep blacks they were not at home and not particularly happy, they tended to chatter and edge hold was ok but not great. However, at moderate speeds these skis were very fun. Easy to initiate and quick transitions. Stable. Great edge hold.

Rtm 81- much more stable at speed compared to rev 85. These were a good ski for the conditions. Easy to initiate turn, more stable at speed, really good edge hold, but not exactly a damp ski. Not terrible but def not what I would consider smooth. There was some chatter at higher speeds but they held edge well. Overall a good ski. But it didn't leave me with a WOW or happy grin on my face.

Volkl kendo- as all of u prob know this is a highly regarded ski. Nothing I can say that already hasnt been said. Great edge hold, no speed limit, not really damp but more so than the rev 85 and rtm. They simply railed everything I threw at them n busted three any junk i came across. The one thing I will say is compared to all the other skis, after making some hard charging runs, at the end of the run my legs knew I made a hard run. They weren't a overly demanding ski by any means, but my legs were telling me "we had to work a little more on these compared to the others" .. However this also could be bc I was simply flying down these trails at stupid speed.

Now to the headliner
Volkl v werks rtm- first let me say I have had a very hard time finding reviews n impressions for this ski and the few I found didn't really sound as impressive as say the kastle mx88. However, for me, this ski simply ROCKED!!! It was everything the kendo was but better! The first thing I noticed was how light this ski was!! I felt like I wasn't even wearing skis compared to the kendo or rtm 81. Heading down the blue trails I immediately got a grin on my face, and for a easy slower blue that is impressive for me. Turns were just stupid easy to initiate, stable, and holy smoothness!! These things were like silk. Just soo amazingly damp and effortless compared to the others. So on to the 1.5 mile black diamond we call cupp run for the real test. I know it don't sound like much to the western guys but here in the "south" east as people call it...though I don't consider WV south.. It's the best we got. Anyway, I hit cupp with a full head of steam. Now typically I have to break an edge n slow down for a big cement like ice patch or atleast stop at the midway point to rest my legs....NOT TODAY! These things were so light n so easy to initiate and ski my legs were literally saying THANK YOU! But the most impressive thing to me was the edge hold, dampness, stability, and how these things just shot me out of turns. First time I ever felt like I was truly being "shot" out of a turn. And these things definately beg for more! They love to b on edge.. But so do I. However they were very easy to break loose n slide around if needed. So these were my gold medal winners! Now comes the big question!!!! ..............since my demoing abilities are limited, and I'm looking to buy, how do these compare to other brands premium skis in this mid fat size.. Particularly, the kastle mx88, mx83, blizzard brahma, nordica steadfast and fire arrow 84 edt. Anyone have any comparisons of the vwerks to any of the above... Or thoughts based on what I've described! Guess my biggest hang up is before I go and spend a premium price on these skis, a price that would allow me to buy any other ski I'm considering I just want to make sure there isn't another ski out there that's just as good if not better than the v werks that would be money better spent.

Btw... I'm looking for a "all mountain" ish ski for the east but with a groomer/on piste bias. We don't have a a lot of fresh deep powder, not real "tree" skiing like out west, and our bumps are typically 80% ice. Which is why I steer clear! So all I'm wanting is something I can't rip groomers when they r anywhere from ice to 8 or so inches of fresh. Since realistically that ALOT of fresh for us here, and I want to be able to play off the sides of trails in the softer stuff n junk from time to time and bust thru junk when needed.

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Sounds to me like your last review is the ski you want.

My Kendos are 3 y/o...you got me thinking now....Vwerks RTM
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I own the Kastle MX 88, and the Volkl RTM 84. I agree with your assessment

of the RTM 84. They rip. I really don't own a powder ski so I took The Kastle

MX 88 to Jackson Hole last week and they performed well for not being a wide ski. The Kastle are creamy smooth. I am quicker edge to edge with the RTM, but I like the MX a little better in powder.  They are just have a different ski. Both are great. I would try demoing the Kastle

MX 83, and make a choice between the MX 83 and the RTM 84. You can't go wrong.

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I would love to demo the kastle mx 83 or 88 however the only brands they have here are volkl, head, and Solomon. I've checked every resort within 3 hr drive and no luck... The only other brand options I found were atomic and élan. So I will have no way of knowing what the kastle is like unfortunately. What size r ur vwerks? I demoed a 176, which was all they had. Thought I may like the 181 more but the shop owner recommended the 176 due to my size and flex of the ski. He said I would need to b over 200 lbs to get a flex out of the 181 and I really wouldnt gain much in terms of stability n speed. Not sure
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