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Hi EpicSki people!


Bad look asking for help first post, so sorry about that :) I'm looking for a 'one ski quiver' sort of ski, to use in Australia. I mainly ski groomed runs and the occasional run through the park or trees (probably about 90/10), but would like to do slightly more of the trees and park stuff (probably about 75/25). I'm 188cm tall, and weigh 75kg. I'd call myself a reasonably advanced skiier, though I'm sure to some of you I'm a complete newbie. I'm definitely not an expert, shred everything at 150km/h sort of type yet, but I ski most blacks confidently, and I can take most double blacks at a reasonablish pace, but definitely not very fast.  I've spent the past few seasons skiing on the 2012 Elan Waveflex 10 Red Fusions (bought them in 2011 though if I remember rightly), and I've always found them really sluggish, and that I never got anything out of the turn with them if that makes any sense? As in, there was no 'kick' for lack of a better word coming out of a turn. Oh, they were 168cm, but I'm convinced they were too short.


The issue is, skis are really expensive here, so I'm looking to buy online, and a lot of sites don't ship to Australia or won't mount bindings without an enormous fee etc. Level Nine seems to be really good for Australia stuff from personal experience and what I hear from other people, so I've mainly been looking there. Anyway, long story short, given they have a massive sale on some gear, I'm interested to know whether you people think it's appropriate gear, overkill, just plain wrong, whatever. The one's I have been looking at are:


Head J.O. Comp Twin Tips - 180cm


Ninthward Comte Park Skis - 176cm


Ninthward Henrik Harlaut Park Skis - either 172cm or 176cm


At this stage, I'm probably thinking the Head's are the best option, followed by the Comtes, but all advice is welcome. If people also think I should just wait and find other skis, or have particular suggestions and know a place I can buy them, that's fantastic also.


Thanks very much in advance,