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volkl rtm 81

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Hello All,

Wanted to get an opinion on ski length.  I was thinking of purchasing the volkl rtm 81 and wanted to get an opinion on appropriate ski length.  I am 5 feet 8.5 inches and 150 lb.  I am probably level 6-7.  Stick mainly on groomed slopes and certainly trying to improve form.  Trying to decide between 166 and 171 cm.


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Thanks. Definitely sounds like the trend is longer then shorter. All the online sizing guides would recommend something in 165 range for someone of my height, weight, skill set etc. Any other opinions about choosing the correct ski length?
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RTM 84, in a 176  will RIP.  You are not going to notice that little bit of length and will like that stability of them.    Just rent them.  

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