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Academy - Where are you staying?

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From the Lodging Information thread (The link should appear at the top Academy Planning forum page) it seems like October 27 is some sort of better pricing cutoff date for staying slopeside at Snowbird. Anyway, that's got me thinking about making a decision. My understanding is that the two suggested places are:

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort (slopeside)
Extended Stay America - Sandy

Has anyone made decisions yet? If so, where are you staying?



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Extended Stay Sandy. As much as the on mountain lodging is a great deal, I am severely "over extended" on finances this year.
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Originally posted by JimmyD:
...(The link should appear at the top Academy Planning forum page)...
Hmmm ... it does appear there? [edit: EpicSki Academy Planning ]

At this point I'm 99% certain we will be at Extended Stay in Sandy. Staying in the canyon would be great, but the savings in $$$'s will go a long way toward funding other adventures planned!

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We have a field on the enrollment form for people to tell us where they plan to stay. Presently 43% of the people have indicated they are staying at Snowbird lodgings, 23% indicated Extended Stay, and 34% indicate they are staying elsewhere or are undecided.

On October 27th any unreserved rooms from the block at Snowbird we reserved for ESA will be released for sale to the public, but ESA will continue to get the special rate until December 24, 2003.

In other words, ESA attendees are guaranteed to find lodging at Snowbird until Oct. 27, but after that they are in competition with other Snowbird guests.

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Bob B and I: Extended Stay, Sandy.
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Extended Stay, Sandy.

My NZ dollars don't go far in the US, only way I can afford to come is to stay budget. Either way, you will have company.
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We're staying in a studio at Snowbird (it was how I convinced my wife to come along!)
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skier_j and skier_b will be staying at the Extended Stay in Sandy also.
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