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Carbon bamboo ski list?

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Im sking on a Carbon instead of ti ski and love how that feels. Ive also skied on skis with Bamboo as a core and love how that feels. My question is can we compile a list of skis that incorporate the two in there skis? I can only think of a few of the top of my head. What im looking for is a ski with tip rocker,flattish tail may have very very slight tail rocker but not much at all. Med to firm flex. 130-140 tip 95-105 waist 116-123 tails in a carbon and bamboo core layup also with graphite bases. This dimension and base ring a bell with anyone. Ive sifted threw lots of skis and am having a hard time finding a ski like this. To me it sounds like the perfect ski for me. :] Kinda like a bonafide with carbon and graphite bases. James







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FWIW Liberty's core is only 33 percent bamboo.


Take a look at next years Wren 102

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C6 skis made in New Zealand. Bamboo core and Carbon fibre skis. I'm testing Apollo wides here in Niseko Japan. 180 cm, 105 waist, 16.5 my radius. Handles beautifully.
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Thanks guys ill look those ones up.

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Love the 177 Wrens and really like those C6 skis!! Is there a distributor in North America for C6

? The all mountain at 88 looks good,is there a 100mm ski in the C6 line up that also carves a round turn? 

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