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I just want to take the time again to ask that people donate to this effort. Not only will it help some one attend a great event, it will also build a stronger community here.

I am sensitive to kima's earlier points and urge that donations to this fund not be taken from donations that you would normally give to say, the United Fund, Salvation Army, Cancer Society, etc. I feel this forum and last years Academy has benefited my skiing and enriched my life. Although I am on a limited budget, being the sole 'breadwinner', I have not shorted my donations to charities; rather I have realized that EpicSki is a far more useful source of information and entertainment then all those skiing publications I subscribe to. So AC receives a yearly donation and now so will the Epic Academy. Ski, Skiing, and Pouter will have to survive without me.

I don't see it as a donation to a charity. I see it as supporting and building my community.
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Originally posted by nolo:

We now have a Scholarship Committee which has taken on the responsibility of developing this entity through which such generosity as yours can be distributed in a worthy manner according to set guidelines, etc. This is not going to be a slap-dash deal, but something that lasts and adds to the community spirit.
I never thought it would be a "slap-dash deal". I was just trying to motivate others who have not yet contributed to do so. Sorry if you missed the intention of my message.
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Skierteach, I was not scolding, merely paraphrasing the following plan of action that the committee has adopted:

We should not do a rush job. Rather than awarding scholarships to this year's events, give out "gifts" to ETU and ESA, and begin developing the mission, purpose, structure, and process to endow and award scholarships beginning 2004-05.
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I received an e-mail today regarding grants available through the BALANCE BARĀ® Grant Program. Perhaps worth the Scholarship Committees time to investigate http://www.balance.com/grants

If the Academy does not qualify, I would think some Bears would.
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