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WTB: Tons of stuff

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Not looking to break the bank particularly, but offer what you've got.


Helmet (Probably a medium)

Face guard


Gloves (With the knuckly parts) (Size Medium)

Shin Guards (Also probably a medium)

Racing Boots (Size 26.5/8.5 M)

Racing poles (About 46 or 48)

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If you're an 8.5 street shoe you'll really need closer to a 25.0, 25.5 tops in a race boot.  Sounds painful, but that is what will hold you tight on edge better.  Too much slop in a 26 race boot for a 8.5 street shoe.

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I have a Briko medium slalom helmet with guard i can do for $25 + shipping


pics to follow once the cloud catches up!

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Have gloves, goggles, shin guards and GS and DH poles. Email me

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I have shin guards.  PM Sent

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PM sent on some boots

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