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Advice on buying new gear

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I'm new to these forums and I'm hoping to get some insight on buying some new skis.


I don't have a lot of money to blow, so I've been trawling my local classified ads for good deals.  I normally rent skis, and to be honest I don't know a heck of a lot about gear.  I'm 6'2", 190 lbs, and consider myself to be an intermediate skier.  I'm certainly capable, but not that experienced.  I'm basically looking for all mountain skis that are playful yet forgivable.


That said, I've found the following which seem to be a good deal


The Skis:  Nordica Hotrod Burner 178  

The bindings: Tyrolia SLD 11


Link for Specs/Image:  http://skis.findthebest.com/l/356/2011-Nordica-Hot-Rod-Burner

Seller is asking for $300 (haven't negotiated yet), "excellent condition."  



Do these seems like a good fit for what I'm looking for?  The bindings intrigue me...  they are a mounted on a rail system to allow for better flex?


I'm also looking for boots...  I found what I thought would be great, but they are NTN boots.  I feel ignorant as hell...  I thought boots fit any binding.  Now I'm confused after reading up on Telemark and NTN...  I have no idea what I'm doing.  I should avoid NTN and Telemark boots...  right?  What should I be looking for, and how do I know a boot is a good match for a ski?  I'd definitely like a walking mode or whatever.


Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to epicski!

I will go straight to the honest point - Forget about buying skis and get yourself a very very good pair of boots. Then get a helmet, some good goggles, gloves, then - get some good lessons.

After all of these, get yourself educated in the finer points of skis, before you even think of buying them. Be familiar with how you ski, where you want to ski, the kind of slopes you frequent and then get more lessons.

Perhaps the last thing you should buy are skis. I was skiing for then years before I bought my first pair of skis.
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Thanks for the advice.  I've been skiing for years, but usually just a couple ski trips to the mountains each year.  I'm really just tired of renting, so I'm pretty set on buying at this point.

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If you are ready to purchase new gear then get yourself a new pair of high end boots from a really reputable boot fitter / ski shop.

With those new boots you should demo various skis before buying them. If you are not familiar with the term, Demo means testing different and new edition types of skis (normally better than the typical rentals) until you find what you are looking for - then purchase them. I demod skis for years and read multiple reviews of various types of skis before I purchased my first set. I am a bit OC when it comes to these things but I always believe that one should think three times and then buying once. The worst decision you will make now is buying a pair of skis that you don't know anything about - except reading Internet commentary about them. And it seems from your original post that you don't know much about much. Educate yourself, read a lot, test a lot, understand a lot - before buying them. $300 is not a lot of money in the larger scheme of ski expenses but if you don't know what you are purchasing you may end up with a $300 ski that is worth $1 for your type of skiing.

Good luck.
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I was just looking into this thread because I'm in almost the same position. I started skiing about 6 years ago but only started going regularly (once a week) since last year. I went in blindly and ended up buying gear 4 years ago which had me in a boot 2 sizes too big for me for 4 years and I was also steered towards buying a pair of the rossingol actys 200 (i still own them). I'm now looking into a new pair of ski's and bindings but have no idea where to begin. I consider myself to be  a very strong intermediate - advanced skiier. I agree with the previous post of buying your ski's last. I recently purchased a well fitted pair of X-Max 100 Pro Soloman Boots and god are they ever amazing. Any fitted boot was way better than what I was wearing before but with these I feel like I have superior control in thee boots and can allocate my pressure to wherever I need with no issues. Boots make all the difference after trying on so many different pairs the soloman x100's really did it for me, they were really pricey but I would never go back. Now if only I knew where to begin on buying a pair of ski's that would be great.

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