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Academy Connection, Jan 30-Feb 1

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It's getting close to Academy time, and it's been suggested that there be a little organizing for the Bears who wish to meet in the crevasse between the first and second Academies. I'll bite. :

If you'd like to meet and ski with the Bears who will be hanging out the weekend of Jan 30-Feb 1, (Pre Academy Bears, Post Academy Bears, and others not travelling to Jackson Hole for the Gathering), this is where we're going to be. All Bears of all levels are welcome (I'll ski with beginners if there are any...I may be too wiped out to do anything else by Friday!)

Here's the plan.

Friday, Jan 30, at Snowbasin.

Saturday, Jan 31, at Powder Mountain.

Sunday, Feb 1, at Brighton.

Details on morning meeting spots to be decided when someone in the know posts about the best on mountain places to meet!

Post here if you're local, or know the area, and wish to help.
Post here if you have ideas for apres ski get togethers. I'd like to make it as easy as possible.
Some people will be using public transportation, or riding with others. Something on the mountain or on the way down, perhaps?

You're always free to join, or go elsewhere, but if you're on a Bear Hunt and will be in the area, Come On Down! I'd love to meet you!
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Just a "heads up". I don't think that there's any public transportation to Snowbasin. We will probably join you for at least one of those days. But I have to admit, laugh if you will, returning to Deer Valley for at least one more day of boarder free skiing has its appeal. On Sunday, our flight leaves at 2:00. I may try for some morning skiing at Brighton. I be getting in on the Friday before the Academy. Mark is actually going out by train, so he'll arrive on Sunday night. Anybody up for pre-Academy skiing on Saturday or Sunday?
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We are arriving Saturday about a light snack o snow at Brighton? I'd love to show Jeff where I bit it...about how many times?

I'm not opposed to Deer Valley...I had several cool crashes and fond memories of last year there too!
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I won't join in on the post-academy excursions cause I am heading to Jackson.

I will be arriving on the Friday night before the Academy though, but not sure what I will be doing Saturday or Sunday yet. I will have been travelling for over 24 hours by the time I get SLC, so Saturday might be a lazy day. But I would like to have a ski before Monday cause I won't be on skis for almost 4 months. So Bonni and Lisa, keep in touch, maybe we could do some cruisy runs on Sunday.

I'll be staying at Extended Stay Sandy.
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Shall we expand the list to include Brighton on Sunday, Jan 25, before the first Academy session?

We will miss the Brighton day on Sunday after Academy because we're leaving early in the morning. I like the less expensive lift passes at Brighton too.

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I'll be arriving on Saturday before as well - from somewhere in CO. Lori's arriving from OH sometime Sunday evening.

At this point, I'm planning to refresh myself with Snowbird on Sunday.

Friday at SnowBasin sounds great .... the one and only time I skied there it was socked in and I never really saw anything - literally, couldn't see my own skis at times.

Saturday is departure day for home, so I'll miss the rest, but it sounds like a great plan!
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Hi Bonnie, et al.

I'm planning on skiing Friday to Sunday (Jan 23 - 25) before the Academy and Friday and Saturday (Jan 30 -31) after. I don't have real preferences since any of the places are likely to be better than Boston Mills/Brandywine. I have two thoughts on places, tho. First, we didn't ski at Solitude last year (I realize they were kind of asses with their broken promises), but that might be fun. And second, I haven't skied the Canyons, it's huge, and I'd like to some day (if the snow is good).

As of now, I haven't made plans on where I'm staying while at the Academy. I think I'll find or start a thread asking where other attendees are staying.


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Snowbasin is a definite. Deer Valley would be fun, too: Can't you just picture about 10 magnificent Bears, in synchronized formation, slicing perfect carves on their immaculate groomers using the Bogner patrons as slalom poles?!
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mike_m, what a scene that would make!

Although last year I didn't see ONE groomed run the day I went to Deer Valley. It was dumping and all the runs were chopped up crap.
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As far as public transport to Snowbasin, there's been a shuttle from the Little America hotel in SLC (owned by the same guy who owns Snowbasin). I check on the details.
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Is anyone interested in skiing the Interconnect on the sunday before the first academy? I am not sure if they have it running that day, but it is something I have been wanting to do since I first skied snowbird. Anyone who has done it before?
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Hi Bonni

We (hubby and I) are arriving on Saturday before the first session and will be up to ski on Sunday, and again on Friday afterwards as well. Include us in your counts. We have no preferences on where, as this is our first Utah trip.

Local snow predicted here this weekend (to help our fires), so counting the days to ski!

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Originally posted by Bonni:
Although last year I didn't see ONE groomed run the day I went to Deer Valley. It was dumping and all the runs were chopped up crap.
Bonni, Bonni, Bonni.

One Bear's chopped up crap is another Bear's playground.

As a (spoiled) local, I'm not planning on attending the Academy; but, I would be willing to help in some apres ski planning. I would also tag along for one - or more - days of pre/post Academy skiing. Being a genuine cheap-skate, and a season's pass holder, might I suggest a day at The Canyons. I'll play Tour-Guide Ken. (I was going to say Tour Guide Barbie, but I didn't want to open a cross-gender can of worms. : )

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Fox, Bob the Builder and I are arriving in SLC on Sat evening. Bob and I are staying slopeside in Snowbird. I guess all three of us would like to ski on Sunday. Anyone for skiing in Snowbird then?
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Hi Bonni and the rest of the Bears,

Hubby and I will be arriving on Sat the 24th, and are staying til Sat 31st. I think it would be great to meet everyone before Academy starts, and ski with you, too! We will be staying slopeside at Snowbird.

One question--since this is our first time meeting you people, how will we recognize you? We will be easy to spot. We're the ones with the three wild kids! It's can call us the Gaper Family Wright. Hmmm, maybe you won't want to ski with us after all...

I can't wait til Jan.!!!!!


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So, what do you say, Bonni? My vote would be Snowbasin and Deer Valley Friday and Saturday, and to pick between Brighton, Powder Mountain or The Canyons on Sunday. Would that work for folks?
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Skiing Snowbasin on Saturday and Powder Mountain on Sunday, sounds good to me. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Decisions decisions!

Welcome Casey and sheskis!

I have an idea.....but it will take some doing, and I haven't the time for it yet.

Stay tuned! I guess I'd like to make everyone happy, but it isn't always possible, but I have an idea that would make it fair for everyone. Gimme a week to throw something together, as I'm knee deep in a mess right now.

COOOOOL that so many people want to meet! As for recognizing us, we'll meet at certain spots at certain times. You'll know us Bears by our thick shaggy coats and goofy smiles from ear to ear.

PS. Inspector, I said CRAP lovingly and with a smile.

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Originally posted by Bonni:
PS. Inspector, I said CRAP lovingly and with a smile.
You are an amazing woman; your abilities never cease to amaze me.

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Just for you, IG.

Go here to VOTE!
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