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Sock Problem?

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Hi All,


So I've pretty much exclusively used EuroSock medium weight socks the past 2-3 years. I have noticed that after I skiied I would get a "crosshatched" impression basically imbedded on my shin for the remainder of the ski season. It wasn't anything crazy, so I delt with it. This past weekend, I skiied unusually hard for me and it was warm outside. At the end of the day, I took off my socks and noticed I had two sores on my right shin, in addition to the crosshatch marks. Almost looked like a blister that was infected (pussy) - sorry for the TMI. I don't have too many ski friends to ask if this is normal? Are my socks the wrong type? Do I need lighter weight? I don't think my boots are too tight, I adjust them each time to the level where the buckle isn't loose, just one above. I do have a narrow boot (Nordica) to accommodate my narrow feet BUT I do have large calves. 


Any insight would be appreciated! 






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Are your boots too loose?  What your describing may be related to shin bang:dunno

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I don't think so. I have no heel or foot slippage and they are snug and my feet stay in place. The buckles are typically on the 2nd to last rung on the upper and the last on the foot part (sorry for laymen's terms). I have the Nordica Speedmachine 100w boots. Though I've never heard of shin bang, so I'll look into it. I did feel I was skiing in my backseat a bit, which is unusual for me. Thank you!

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What does a crosshatched mark look like?
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I've seen skiers develop blisters on the boot cuff area of their leg from having a wrinkle in a sock.
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Is the crosshatching because the threads/weave of the sock is too textured ?  

Turn it inside out and send it through the wash and tumbledry (air only) to fluff it up.


Do the socks feel wet at the end of the day leading to adhesion?  If so, they are not working right.


Are you hydrating enough?  drink more water, rub lotion on your shins and feet as well to feed your skin in those areas.


For the blister spots, after it heals, you can consider getting a piece of moleskin or something to put over the same spot so it slides better.



Not sure if the socks are good or not good, you can try a pair of smartwool phd ski socks of the weight that works best for your boot fit and see if that is different.  These are like the default skier socks.

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Thank you all for the insight! My socks are bone dry at the end of the day. Though my calves are dry right now so I'll up the lotion. I drink A TON of water (1/2 body weight). I thought it could be the weave of the sock... but didn't know if that was a common problem or not. Going to try the wash suggestion and get that other brand to see if it helps.

I've attached a photo of my calf with said crosshatch marks and those blister-like marks. They look much better than they did Saturday. And sorry the photo ain't pretty!
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Possibly allergic to the material the sock is made of? That almost looks like a rug burn from friction. Is your leg and sock the only things inside the boot?

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Got a base layer cuff in there with your socks?

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It's just my sock inside the boot and nothing else. It's the oddest pattern and won't go away till well after ski season is over. Those sores/blisters were the first time something like that's happened. Should I be using a base layer cuff too? I always thought just sock + boot. Thanks for all the responses too! I don't really have anyone else to ask...all my friends are boarders!
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Sock and foot inside the boot is all you want. I'll admit I do break this rule from time to time as I have a thin base layer pant that I put under the sock sometimes without issue.


To me, it looks like your shin is moving around a bit causing the irritation and possibly making a few hair follicles mad. Possibly try bucking the top buckle, ankle buckle and pulling the power strap tighter. My 0.02....


Oh, take a look at the inside of the the weave and texture smooth in that area or is there something that could cause abrasion.

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I had a pair of Eurosocks ski socks and came to dislike them a lot because they never seemed to fit quite right and I had trouble keeping wrinkles out of them when I put on my boots.  Get some Lorpen, Smartwool, Point 6 or other brand ski sock that has a high percentage of merino wool and make sure they fit fairly snug which will minimize wrinkles.  The pattern on your shin almost looks like you're wearing compression socks.

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Try a different brand of socks, or maybe a different model from the same company, if they make one with different materials. If the boots fit the socks are the right thickness. I'm partial to Smartwool but I'm sure a lot of brands will work for you. 

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Assuming your boots fit your correctly, I would agree with those that recommend getting a different pair of socks. It might just be that the combination of your dry skin and the sock material is causing that burn. I tried many kinds of socks for years before settling on a particular brand and model that didn't cause any skin issues.
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From your description, it sounds as though you've used these socks successfully many times without the rash and pustules.   So, the riddle is why this time.


Aside from the ingrained pattern, the irritated redness looks a bit like a combination of heat rash and friction.  You mentioned working (skiing) harder and warm temps, which might fit with a heat related rash. The pustules do look like inflamed/blocked hair follicles/sweat glands.  If you look closely, there appear to be a few other slightly blocked follicles within the rash. Possibly this condition is all tied to warmer weather and working harder, leading to more acrid perspiration and tissue swelling.  During high levels of cardiovascular activity - especially when warm - I notice some tissue swelling as blood perfusion increases.  My ski boots and cycling shoes become tighter in these situations.  They're already tight to start with, so I usually need to make minor adjustments or pop the instep buckles for the ride up.


Are you using the compression Eurosock or standard?  If compression, it wouldn't be uncommon for a mid-weight weave to leave an impression on your skin.  Even if not using the compression sock, if it is stretched tight around your calves/shin the same can occur.  To "press" the pattern into your skin from the boot, the pressure would have to be consistent, not giving your skin a chance to rebound.  Not a sign of being in the back seat all day if the pattern is on your shin.  So either the sock is "compression tight" or your boot is in that area. Sounds like you ski frequently, at least 1-2 days every week, so by the time the crosshatch starts to subside you re-emboss it, making it stay for the season.  Good for you! :)


The rash could also be a reaction of more active perspiration than normal in conjunction with residual laundry detergent trapped in the fibers.  Some cyclists are sensitive to this with tight fitting lycra and switching laundry products (or not fully rinsing after washing).


Hope you find the cause, but don't stop skiing!

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What are these "Socks" you speak of?;)


I started skiing in bare feet, just until the boots broke in enough to leave room for socks, but ended up just skiing with bare feet in the boots.  Yes, my race boots are very cold on the toes.


Looks like you could just be irritated by the material (allergy?) and the pattern is not releated to the weave of the socks.  Try it barefoot and see what happens (besides freezing your toes).

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If it's just popping up now after the socks being previously successful, you could be wearing the soft knit material out of the sock, and exposing more of the synthetic mesh substrate that the sock is constructed on (like when you get bald spots on the bottoms of socks you wear around the house as slippers).


Your legs are taking a punishment.  IMO, well worth the $20 gamble of a new pair of Smartwool PhD or Thorlo ski socks (just my go-to brands).

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