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We need a scholarship!

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Last year a fellow Bear, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave a scholarship to the Academy to a deserving person, who happened to be our own Bonni Blessing. I wonder if there's interest in creating a scholarship fund for Bears who are deserving but financially unable to attend the Academy? If so, what do you think we should call it? Finally, how would we do it--what's the process and how do we get a winner?
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I am forever grateful to my benefactor, and would like to donate money toward that fund!!!!!!

As for picking a recipient....how did you get me? I never knew how or why I was chosen. All I remember was the day I got word....I was making a bear out of stained glass for someone, and I spent the rest of the day going, "YESS!! SHIT!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! YES!!!" The rest of that week was spent in a daze.

It changed my life, for sure.

Let's change someone else's life.

PS. If we raise enough money for Academy fees for someone, and extra, could I be so bold as to nominate Ott and wife for the excess --to be used for plane tickets? :
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No, I think Ott's tickets should be fancy! First Class for Da Man!

( . . . not plane . . .)
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Royal coach treatment for the Imperial Coach and Mrs. Imperial Coach! Hear, Hear!

Count me in!

Best regards,
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I'm in. Typically the fund is named after the founder, but I can see that "Anonymous" probably wont cut it So, what about naming it for the inaugural recipient?


Definitely, lets get Mr. & Mrs. Imperial Coaches out there. Splash a little Wedeln into the EpicTurn curriculum! Great idea!

Besides being a great idea, it is just plain efficient. Let's face it, Bob Barnes has enough to do keeping the Academy's rolling, and I recall he already committed to personally carry Ott to the next ESA : , so I think it's prudent we keep him on task
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A scholarship is generally reserved for students, where we call benefits to teachers sabbaticals or NSF grants. My thinking behind this idea was to help a deserving student or two or three, and if there is any left over to give some help to a fourth.

This doesn't mean we can't solicit for a sabbatical fund.

What I'll do is chat with our friend Fox and ask how he set up his PayPal to accept donations to support his cause and get back to you folks with some information about how to donate. We'll also round up a committee to draft rules of procedure or what have you so this scholarship can be 100% legit.
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I agree with you nolo, and I apologize for hijacking the thread so early on.

A sabbatical fund is the way to go if we wish to get the Gangl's to the event. I'd love to see that too. If it happens this year, GREAT! If not, then we can look forward to it next year, perhaps.

The scholarship fund SHOULD be used for a student.
The suggestion for both donations is the best answer.

Picking a student/students may be the hard part, and it should be done early. Time is your enemy here! With only 3 1/2 months left, the lucky recipient will need to make plans!

I would like to encourage anyone having the means to donate to do so. At the risk of sounding like one of those Save the Children ads (Save the Skier?), even $5 will add up and make a difference when put in the pile. Donate the cost one meal out--you'll be thinner and some lucky dog (It could even be YOU) will have the time of their life.

I'm happy to be part of such a giving and sharing community! :
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My apologies for reacting so hasitily - I agree with what nolo has posted. Scholarships are for students. When I agreed so quickly with the idea to buy Ott and his wife plane tickets, I was definitely expressing respect for him, but without consideration of the real purpose for a scholarship.

I do also agree that if one or more persons wish to fund travel by Ott and Ann by plane, they're entitled to do that - but with consent from Ott and Ann, which I'm not sure has been obtained. For all I know, they may love this idea - or they may not.

Again, my apologies, and thank you, nolo, for what I feel is your very appropriate and diplomatic post.
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Thanks, Bonni and Oboe. [img]smile.gif[/img] I'll check out the PayPal stuff.
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I posted a link to PayPal: we can now donate to the Scholarship Fund. (See dedicated thread.)

Because we plan to have ESA events in perpetuity, I think the scholarship fund should continue along with ESA, and not necessarily be zeroed out with any particular event.

Which is to say, 100% of the scholarship funds should be used to fund scholarships for deserving Bears who would not be able to afford it otherwise--there would be no excess funds to spend on any other purpose, however deserving, etc.

[ October 17, 2003, 10:00 AM: Message edited by: nolo ]
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Make the scholarship available to a first time skier.
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What Milesb said!

It goes with the 'Grow the Sport' aim!
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Excellent idea, milesb. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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How many first time (never evers) skiers will register here? How about awarding to a novice skier, a first timer or one who has been out only a few times? That should open the scholarship to people already registered.
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...or how about a would be first time participant in one of the programs who has shown interest, desire and need. I agree that few if any "first time" skiers will even know about this.

Why limit it to first timers...what about a person who has participated in things in the past and suddenly finds themself in a financial situation that will not allow them to participate?

I really think it should be open to anyone who is really motivated to improve and really needs the financial assistance.
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I volunteer to help. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I actually used to run a College Scholarship program for a non-profit agency. Here the "qualifications" are going to be different, but conceptually it's the same.

To get a scholarship program started:

- define the goal of the program
- create an endowment and manage it
- create an application, review, and award process
- have PR/Marketing (one arm will serve the endowment and one arm will serve to advertise to applicants)

Form a Committee that will give general oversight to the Scholarship Program:
- to create the program
- to keep it honest
- to assist with endowments

Higher Profile folks need to endorse the program and/or sit on the committee to led credibility to it for the endowment... these folks will be integral in soliciting the money.

Two databases are needed:
- track endowments and dividends
- track applicants/winners, etc

I think this is a great idea... but why limit it to the academy? What I mean to say is - do you want to give "assistance" to people seeking a skiing education - or do you want to give a FREE RIDE to a particular event? These are the kinds of questions that need to be considered.

I'm going to stop here - but, please, keep me posted on this topic!

(I will be at the ETU at Stowe)
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