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Masters Nationals Okemo VT

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Any fellow Bears attending the Masters Nationals at Okemo in March? I signed up yesterday-big field in Mens Class 8! Gotta be a couple of guys I can beat to avoid the dreaded DFL! biggrin.gif
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Nope, I moved to Colorado so I wouldn't have to ski on ice, grass, and sticks. Men's 8 is always a tough field...good luck, and I'll see you next year in Sun Valley (a Western resort...)

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Class 9 can be tough too!  I have to work that weekend.  Stop by the NASTAR shack and say hi.

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wrong coast John.  If you think Class 8 is bad, look at Class 7!  At the Park City FIS Masters this year, ahead of me in Class 7  I had Bill and Booby Skinner, Franzy Fuchsberger and Pierre JeanGirard!    I prefer to say I was second of the rest in the Super Gs !:D


Still class 8 next year!   

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