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Footloose @ Mammoth

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I'm headed out to Mammoth March 9th and plan on having boots fitted at Footloose that Sunday afternoon, then ski for the 3 following days to make sure they fit well and all that.  Is there someone in particular I should ask for, or will anybody selling me boots be able to do it well?



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They have a pretty experienced crew there at Footloose so I am pretty sure you will get a great fit with whomever is on duty.  Corty is the #1 guy there but don't be afraid to go with whomever is available!  Good luck and good planning! 

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Thanks Bud - I had heard of Corty and heard he was the owner so I figured my chances were slim. I'm happy to hear I should be okay though.
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He is a partner in the shop

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I'm aching to go. My buddy is convinced I can get the same thing at a local shop for way less money. But I just want to do it right.

Pre-trip jitters.
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tell your buddy i said he is an idiot, you could use expressions like tripping over a dollar to pick up a dime, or quality costs.



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Hah, I already told him that!
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So I saw Kevin at Footloose today and he had me fitted into a boot in what seemed like 10 minutes - he was also pretty busy with 3 other customers at the same time. 


He shell fitted me, then warmed up the liners in some Head Vector 115's and I put them on, they also had a footbed.  The first thing I noticed was that the tongue or front didn't squash like the Quest Access 60's I learned on.  The other thing was that they seemed way too comfortable for a new boot.  Kevin's explanation was that I had a slightly wide foot, but overall an easy one to fit and that he didn't think I would be able to get into a smaller shell.  I'm trusting his judgement.


I'll be trying them this AM so hopefully this cures what ails me.

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Kevin's a good guy and has been with Footloose for close to 30 years.  Hope they fit your needs!  You are in good hands if any adjustments need to be made.

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No skiing today due to the nasty conditions but that's why the 3 of 4. I will report back tomorrow.
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The boots I demoed were too big. I bought the smaller size with modifications. First going to try them tomorrow err today rather. They were the most painful but gave me the best 2 runs of my life. I'll give the full details after I run them if anyone is interested. This boot fitting is a dark art
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I had the boots punched out at the big toe knuckle and a straight push from the pinky knuckle back because that's where the pain was the most.  After skiing them again for another couple runs the foot pain was unbearable.  I own these boots now due to the modifications... 


From what I can see after taking off my sock, the red spots are on the actual pinky toe knuckle itself so I am going to have REI or someone else here in Orange County punch that out too and see what happens.  I worked with John there for what seems like hours over the course of 3 days.  I hope I didn't make a $450 mistake.

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Careful with the city shop choices?  Be sure to vet the guy doing the boot work to insure he will do more good than harm...

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Not sure what to do really. As John said I have to make the choice. I was wrong on the original side punch/bar move. I spent 3 days on this and I'm still kind of lost.
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