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Moron of the Day?

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OK there may be a similar thread going on here but I didn't see it initially.  Please merge if needed.


Moron of the day.  Post a story about the biggest idiot you saw skiing or riding today.


Saturday, skiing at the Timberline gathering.  It was a plethora of rednecks doing the usual -recognize someone up near the front of the line and cut past everyone else to join friend/family rather than having friend/family wave people past and wait.  Anyway, lady behind me with small child was smoking, reeking if booze and arguing with someone she and her kid had just cut in front of.  She was still holding her skis.  After a barrage of f-bombs and refusal to yield she plops her skis down next to us as we were finally near the front of the corral.  I got to be the one to tell her she was trying to put her skis on BACKWARDS!  She was trying to put her toe lugs in the heel pieces


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OMG, little guy in carharts and a camo jacket?

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Last Sunday I was pacesetting the NASTAR course at my home mountain when someone materialized right in front of me.  It was a guy ducking under the ropes taking a short cut to a chair lift.  The idiot never looked uphill until I screamed at him.  I showed remarkable restraint in what I said.  I think I scared the crap out of him.  It's inevitable that bozos like this remove themselves from the gene pool regularly but it's a shame that they sometimes take out others at the same time.

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Originally Posted by jimmy View Post

OMG, little guy in carharts and a camo jacket?

Hey, I bet that be-atch was gnaring the shed with yoos guyz!



I think the little kid had a snowboard so probably not one of your kids..

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Well then, third moron.


We are riding up Silver Queen lift before lunch Saturday and see an 8-12 year old boy without skis, sliding down the black diamond on his butt. Kid is dressed like he is going deer hunting and there is a guy skiing along side him carrying his skis. My first reaction was what kind of asshole would take a kid without a clue down that? Next lift ride we see them on the flat about 2/3 of the way down. The way the adult was dressed i started thinking that maybe they were not related and the guy was just being a Good Samaritan.


Later in the day JimK and I ended up riding the chair with GS. After exchanging pleasantries I asked him if he was the guy helping..................... he said he saw the kid walking from the top and tried to get him to go back up and download on the lift because where he was going was dangerous. Kid said he couldn't do that and kept on going. Our GS decided stayed with him to the bottom. Seems Mom &Dad, drunk, stoned told their kid who never skied before to go have fun and they would catch up with him later. He managed to make two runs on the bunny lift and somehow ended up on the main lift to the top....................... That's enough good deed for a month.

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^^^You know, the kid could have possibly swapped the skis for a snowboard after lunch. Drunk mom was actually wearing Spyder pants and a ski jacket.  She must have borrowed the clothes.

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A few weeks ago I saw the same guy TWICE get knocked off a quad lift by the center pole.


There were three huge guys skiing together, all in camo and carhart and looked like they just came from the construction site.


Dudes were so drunk they could barely stand.   Center guy didn't realize the chair had a pole in the center and got nailed.   A few runs later the same damn thing happened.   Everyone was laughing their asses off at this guy but you could see some people were getting pissed at them.   Third time I saw the guy the liftie was yelling at him to move over so the pole didn't drop him a third time.

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