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Tele Binding Advice

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I need some help. Here's my current setup: 165 VJJ with 22 design Axls, scarpa T1 boot. 


I'm 5'1, 110, 22.5MP. Even though I'm tiny, I'm extremely aggressive.


My problem: In the middle of a BC trip up at Williams Peak yurt in the Sawtooths, my left binding heel piece split right in half. and my right binding cable also split, right in half. WTF?? Luckily, duct tape got me to back to the yurt. 


I need a binding that's freepivot, I ski 50/50 resort/backcountry. I've sacrificed weight for strength....but apparently the strength of this binding (even though, so heavy!) couldn't hold up to little tiny ol me. 


some help?

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Assuming you immediately contacted 22 Designs, what did they say?  If you haven't done this yet ....... :nono: 


There was a batch of weak plastic Axl heel levers that failed with minimal usage, but 22Designs took care of any one contacting them with this issue  in a  very professional manner.  And then there's the basic issue of free-heel bindings being generally a little more prone to breakage (long, boring history of such not included here), and the common recommendation to never go into the back country on free-heel gear without at least a minimum binding repair kit. Hey - you could always switch to Dynafits - I hear they're 100% reliable!  ;)

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Haven't heard of issues with Switchbacks.  But maybe you can change that if you can trash an Axl at 110!

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