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Entered a Downhill Race on my snowboard

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I raced the Downhill and GS at the CT Senior Winter Games yesterday on skis and then said, What the heck.  I'll try 'em on the board.


Here's the Downhill.  I'm wearing a chest mounted GoPro.  It's pretty much a straight shot of a course with very few turns.  I was clocked at 47 mph, well under the 55 mph I hit in Davos seven years ago.


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What did they clock you at on skis?

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Nice! One of the course crew at Ski Cooper runs the DHs on a snowboard as well. He has had some good times and some spectacular falls.


I'm amazed at the lack of protection on the hill. The one place they had it, it appeared to be for access control, not protection. Just like the good old days when men were men. :)

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Haha Nice!


Was the GoPro mounted to your Blues Brothers tie?  I'm to the point now where 45 mph has a definite pucker factor, and that is on long skis. That's about as fast as I like to cruise tops these days.  I don't see myself going over 50 anymore.

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I lost the printout but think I only hit 51 mph on skis.  It's not a very steep course and we are seniors!


Next Wednesday I'll be competing in the Massachusetts Senior Olympics on skis and board.  GS and Super G.


You only need to be 40 to compete in the Mass Games!  My son-in-law is 42!


I may have already posted this one I shot a week and a half ago.  One of the segments has an interesting viewpoint.  I was wearing the chest mount on my back and got quite a bit of footage of the guy in the next lane.


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