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Son tackles first black diamond

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After a few weeks of consistent pestering I finally got comfortable enough to let my little shredder attempt his first black. My intentions were to take him down Andy's encore to oh no, then down rosis run at Copper. After zipping down upper Andy's we ran into patrol roping off oh no for the upcoming U18 championships. They told us that rosis was still open below via west encore. So off we went. Upon arriving at rosis it was being roped as well. Anyone familiar with copper knows the only option left is over lode. Not exactly the kind if run you wanna break your child in on. It starts off nice this giving confidence but after the first tier it turns into a reasonably pitched mine field with some seriously tight bumps that appear to have not been groomed out since opening day. He did very well on the first tier and approached the bumps where there were quite a few "observers" "taking a break". I skied up and we picked out a line. He seemed a little timid at first but after about 100 foot down I started to notice that he was pulling away. By the mid point he was stopping and yelling words of encouragement back up at me! "Daddy your doing good, can I go on down?" None the less for wear I finally got a bit of rhythm going and met him at the base shortly after he was unstrapping, wanting me to take his picture. I had to wipe a tear as I snapped the photo. He has come such a long way so fast. 23 ski days ago he had never stepped foot into a snowboard binding and now he can apparently follow me anywhere on the hill I may want to go. I think I'm gonna need a bump clinic to keep up as they seem to be his favorite....and from now on they've gotta be blacks! Not bad for a six year old from Texas.

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You may want to reconsider the title of this thread...

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Oops, should probably save that one for when he starts youth football.
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Love this thread! Enjoy every minute on the slopes with your kid, all to soon he will be too cool not to mention too good to spend his day schlepping around with dad:o
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My son slayed a couple pretty challenging diamonds for the first time last weekend as well.

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Proud moment isn't it?!
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Congrats dad and kid!


With my son, it's the other way around - he's always been able to ski circles around me and so when I finally skied the women's Olympic downhill run at Snowbasin last week, it was his turn to be proud.  Of course, he may secretly have been thinking "geez, Mom, it's about time!" but he was kind enough not to say it.  :)


Looking forward to more Shredder photos!

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That's great!  Large bumps are like couloirs for a kid that size, so he should be ready for anything!

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We're headed to snowy range tomorrow for some confidence building...the diamonds there are pretty mild and were going to lap em all day.
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We had a great trip. We hit every run on the mountain and once mom had enough, we skied every black on the plantation.

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#Fearless  ….hmm obvious…. by the headwear   :rolleyes

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It's do as I say not as I do. This will not turn into an epic helmet thread....I also ride a motorcycle without a helmet...gasp! None the less, he is having a ball on the steep and bumpy.
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He is pulling away at an exponential rate with every trip to the hill. When he rides bumps it looks like you poured him out of a glass of water...I can't keep up. I have the tendency to want to crash through the moguls, ala move the mountain per say. He is starting to attract a lot of attention wherever we ski since were skiing a lot of hi vis, under lift runs and a lot of people seem to notice a six year old on a board killing the bumps. My question is what do I do to help him progress? There aren't many boarders his age. I saw some younger kids (8-15) in a free skiing competition last weekend at winter park on Brian's run, that's the kind of stuff he likes to do. I just don't know if or where to start competition wise or even if that's the right move at his age. The steeper and bumpier the better in his eyes. Im just torn on where to go or what to do next, or if I need to do anything at all except try to keep up. I'll have to buy a helmet, rig up my go pro, and post some video.
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