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Salomon x max sizing

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I live a great distance from any boot fitter but have a ski shop near me whose owner seems to know his merchandise well. I was debating a couple of different boots, but have recently been spending some time in the shop in Salomon X Max 100's. they seem to hold me in a good position and have an appropriate flex for me. My feet measure almost 29 on left and just about 28 (standing) on right. Forefoot is approx 101-102. High arches with average ankle mobility. Was previously wearing 28.5 boots, but am looking for more performance oriented fit. Smaller foot in shell has one finger -possibly a bit more - I'm guessing 13-14mm based on a 15 mm dowel being snug behind the heel.
A friend who got a similar boot (120 flex) said that prior to molding the boot felt too small, but after molding almost felt too big. When I stand up straight, the 27.5 is very tight in width and height, but my toes are JUST touching the front. The heel and throat feel very tight, but I like the tightness due to my older boots being too loose in these areas.

Does it sound to you guys like the 27.5 will be a good length for me or should I hold out and try a 26.5 (they do not have this boot in that size but I tried an X Pro in 26.5 and it was very tight in length but everywhere else felt like it might be to big).
Thanks for any advice
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27 sounds like the correct choice. 26, i don't think so.


are you using a custom or trim to fit footbed?



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Hi Jim
I am using a custom (Instaprint) footbed.
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