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I am 60, 5'11", 190 pounds and have been skiing for 15 years; perhaps 20 times a year.

I am in upstate NY and like moderate groomers.  I am capable of skiing double blacks, but prefer easier trails for the most part.

For the first 5 years I used some beginners ski I don't remember.

Then I bought a pair of Dynastar Speed Carves and stiff boots to go with them.  Did great with them, but after 5 years I found that I had gotten too old and fat for them; they rewarded sloppy form with a fall, and it was getting too common.

I then bought Nordica SUV14. They are very comfortable and forgiving; but they won't hold an edge on a steep trail at all.  I don't always want them to hold an edge, but it would be nice if they could when I wanted them to.


I am looking for something as comfortable and forgiving as the Nordica, but with the edge holding ability of the Dynastar.  I understand that is asking alot, probably too much, but perhaps there has been something revolutionary in the last 5 years that I don't know about.  Any ideas?