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Footbalance foot beds

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Do any of you boot guys have any experience with or have heard of Footbalance foot beds?  Your input is appreciated.

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no:  but its more about who is making them, then what brand they are using.   (its not the hammer, its the carpenter)

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I google Footbalance and watched the youtube video.  Looks like just another footbed blank with a some cool marketing smoke and mirrors to sell an unposted, poorly cast, piece of crap.  Whoops, did I just say that?  


Like Dave said, it comes down to the skill of the guy making them than the bells and whistles.  Didn't see how they actually controlled the foot while casting or how it would hold the foot in a neutral position?


Choose wisely grasshoppa 

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I have agree with you. The more I look into their process, I don't see how they can possibly make a good neutral foot bad for skiing. It's just a fancy foot bed.  

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So true..  After watching a couple of videos and actually talking with two shops that sell them, each had a different approach to molding the insoles.  One was a bike shop, the other sold running shoes.  Not good for skiing...

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