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Fischer Motive 80 or Fischer Motive 86

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Hi guys, I'm looking to get either one of theses skis.

The 2013 Fischer Motive 80 is new with bindings for $350.

The 2013 Fischer Motive 86 is used 10 days and come with bindings going for $290

Which one should i get?

I'm 6'1 220 lbs and ski mostly East Coast resorts (Killington, Stratton, Windham)

My Skiing ability is late intermediate going on to early advance.

See the specs below

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Motive 80

Waist Width: 76-85mm
Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 122/80/110 (@175cm)
Tail Profile: Flared
Rocker: Tip Rocker/Camber
Turn Radius: 16-20
Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 17m (@175cm)
Construction Type: Sidewall
Core Material: Wood w/ Carbon
Base Material: Sintered
Used: No
Titanium: No
Special Features: All Mountain Rocker
Special Features: Air Carbon Wood Core
Motive 86
  • Core Wood, titanium, carbon
  • Turning radius (in m) 17 at 175
  • Lengths (in cm) 161-168-175-182
  • Sidecut 128-86-116
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Your answer probably lies in the type of skiing you like to do.  If you ski more off-piste and/or like speed you'll probably like the 86 better.  If you ski mostly groomers and don't ski mach 1 the 80 may be a better fit. 


I have the Motive 80's.  I mostly ski in Michigan so conditions are similar to yours, but there are not nearly as many off-piste opportunities here. IMO, the Motive 80's are pretty lively, hold an edge well on hardpack/ice and do reasonably well in the bumps and trees and they doesn't punish you for mistakes.  They do have a "speed limit", but I don't typically ski really fast so that doesn't bother me.


If you search the forum, DawgCatching did a review/comparison of the Motive 80 and 84 (replaced by the 86) that is really good.  I think its a year or two old now, but I don't think much has changed in the design of those two skis.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I realized that the specs didn't get posted.

I read the reviews by DawgCatching. I think i will go for the 86.

I know they have metal in them. Hopefully they can float a bit in the junk.

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I've only skied my 80's one day in the crud.  The day started with about 6" of powder which softened and cruded up as the temps rose (sunny and mid 30's day).  The early rise tip was great for the powder, but I'd have preferred not to have it once things cruded up.  With that said, they really did bust through the crud decently and tracked well as long as I did my part.  I'd guess the 86's will do better than the 80's.

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I have a pair of Motive 88s that I picked up last spring on closeout.  I am very happy with them.  I've skied them on everything from spring conditions, to hard groomers, to a foot of fresh power in Colorado.  A great all around ski.


 If I were you, I would go for the 86.  It will work fine on typical eastern conditions and give you more versatility if you get some fresh snow or in spring conditions.  Also with your weight, the 80 without metal might not be a good match.  What length are the 86s?  That could be a factor.

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