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Salomon SPKs

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Hey guys, 

 I'm a pretty aggressive , advanced skier on the east coast, I stay off groomers as much as I can. I ski the trees as much as possible. Im 6' 190lbs


So, I have been skiing on Nordica Beast 10sand K2 public enemies 176 since 2010. My feet have always been an issue, poor circulation is part of it, but my toes always make it uncomfortable to ski a full day. Ive tried many different boots and nothing helped. A few months ago my cousin who is a freestyle skiier recommended I try Salomons park boot, the SPK. Well I tried them and they are a savior, sooo much more comfortable than any 4 buckle boot ive ever worn, they seriously changed my skiing experience. I bought them on the spot. I do feel I sacrifice a tiny bit of control, but not enough to dislike them.

My question is this, I just bought a pair of Salomon BBR 10.0s 184, they are much bigger and much heavier than my K2 Pubs, is that tiny loss of control going to be amplified by the bigger boards?

I mounted my bindings this evening and am headed up in a few days to try them out, just wondering what Im in for. 

Thanks dudes. 

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read through the above article and "shell check" your boots as described it there.


It does not matter what level of skier your are or where you ski--the boot has to do the same job, connect you to the ski with no slop.


What size feet in CM?


what size boots in CM?



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I shell checked them... they are too big. damn it

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