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MA request

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My latest skiing in Korea. Snow condition is good, but very steep. 

What to improve next? Thanks in advance. 


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Focus on skiing rounder turns (think about leaving an "S" in the snow instead of a "Z").  Finish your turns more and try to steer your skis further across the fall line.  This is made possible by progressively tipping and turning the skis into and out of the fall line.  Right now it looks like you are skiing a series of linked "edge sets," almost like you are doing hockey stops, only your skis are not perpendicular.  Focus on continually moving your COM down the slope, letting it move over your old outside ski towards the apex of the new turn.  This move will flatten your skis and will aid you in initiating your new turn.


Also work on your arm positioning.  Don't drop the arms on your pole plants, keep your elbows out in front of your chest, and plant from the wrist. 

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Hi eastskier44, thanks for input. 

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That's pretty good. You can do it all, now you just need to practice and make the same movements over and over. At the moment your movements are a bit forced but you have nice flow and good rhythm.

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To me it looks like you waiting till the last part of the turn to engage the edges.  Like above,^ edge set/check to edge set/check. In this frame you should already be moving into transition and moving to the new outside ski.

Back seat here. keep those shins into the boot cuffs all the time.

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Thanks all for advise. I ll try to find out from visuals.


asuuming neutral is 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, apex is 3 o'clock and 9o'clock.

Please check my findings:


wedge at neutral edge set at 1 o'clock

snow spray at around 2:30

snow spray stop around 5

backseat at 1 o'clock

actually i pull back my leg to compensate for the backseat. may be its very steep so i kept a safety leg? thanks all for giving advice


To me my major problem is wedge. If my comment is not agree with the visual please advise.

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