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More EpicSki Academy '04 Coaches

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We are very proud to announce two exciting additions to our faculty for next season, which of course means two exciting additions to our website community:

Rob Sogard was raised in a skiing family, worked in a family owned ski shop, and learned to ski at Wilmot Mountain in southern Wisconsin. He began racing at age 8 and switched from racing to teaching after realizing that the World Cup was out of reach. He coached USSA Masters programs while at Wilmot, and continues his involvement with ski coaching, serving as a presenter and evaluator for the USSA National Coaches Schools. Rob moved to Utah in 1987 to finish school at the University of Utah, and has been at Snowbird for 16 years.

Rob was named one of SKI Magazine’s Top 100 Instructors in 2002 amd 2003. He is a current, second-term member of PSIA's elite National Alpine Demonstration Team, which involves a rigorous tryout at Snowbird and a heavy schedule serving as an “instructor’s instructor” at PSIA division education events. Rob is Certification Committee Chairman for PSIA and an Intermountain examiner. He and his group produced the new and improved PSIA National Certification Standards for ski instructors this year. Rob will be taking time away from his job as Training Director of the Snowbird Mountain Sports School to coach at our academy. His epicski.com screen name is Dooley.

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Some of us were lucky enough to ski with Carolyn Fushimi (Foosh) during last year’s Academy. She was one of our hosts there in her role as Director of Training at Brighton, Utah. Besides working in a job she loves, Carolyn is a USSCA certified race coach and an active PSIA examiner in the Intermountain region since 1985. She serves on the Intermountain PSIA Board of Directors, and is accredited as an Advanced Children’s Educator. She firmly believes that "my strengths as an instructor come from the fact that since I wasn't gifted with fabulous skiing skills, I had to work hard to learn to keep up with the 'boy's club'." They also come from an almost desperate passion for teaching and learning and watching people learn that she says, "still blows my skirt up, to this day.” She and her husband, Steve, have lived in the same cabin in the canyon the past 30 years--and she's been teaching at Brighton almost as long. Her epicski screen name is Carolyn.

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