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Bonafide or Brahma

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Dear compadres,


I am level 7-8 skier and currently I own two sets of skis: K2 Sidestash and Volkl AC50. Until recently I was pretty happy about this combination, since I could ski pretty much all terrain in all conditions with these two. However, I feel a strong urge to join "the rocker ski revolution" in a category of 85-98 as well. I am talking about my precious AC50 replacement. It is just sometimes I get pretty tired turning these stiff sticks especially in bumps:)  


Long story short: I am thinking of buying Blizzard Brahma (88mm) or Blizzard Bonafide (98) skis and cannot decide which width will suit my needs better, since my skiing ability as well as skiing preferences have changed a little bit, since I bought AC50.


Now I mostly ski off piste: bumps, ice, crud, crust, packed powder etc. However I do enjoy skiing fast on groomers few times a day occasionally. What do you say taking into account that K2 Sidestash is not going anywhere? Bonafide or Brahma?


I ski in South Lake Tahoe area most of the time. At lease once a season I travel somewhere on a plane, so I have to take just one pair of skis. Usually it is Sidestash


I am 41 years old, 5'9'', 160 lbs


Thank you! 

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I say Brahma. I have Sidestashes and Bonafides and like them both a lot, but there is a lot of overlap. Also I still have my Recons for groomer days (and rocks).  

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Thank you very much! 


As I understand  it should be 180 as per this discussion?

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