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Head REV 80 Pro

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I just received a brand new set of Head REV 80s in the mail today and want to share my first impressions and eventually update with my skiing impressions in the next couple of weeks. This is the first set of skis of I have ever owned, so I'm coming from a new perspective.


I bought the skis without demoing, so I hope it goes well! I did demo the Blizzard Magnum 8.0ti, so I was familiar with the feel of 80mm underfoot and the metal layer, but the skis feel different in weight and flex.


Firstly, the skis came "flat," as in the rail binding system was already mounted to the skis, but the actual bindings were not on the rail yet. However, once getting past the fear of actually playing a role in the building of my skis, I opened the included instructions which made it pretty clear how to attach the included Head PRD 11 bindings to the rails on the skis. It took about ten minutes of cautious work, I was pretty tentative about the whole thing, to slide on the bindings, adjust them to the correct boot size, and strap on my boots to make sure they fit and were able to be removed without too much effort. I remember the DIN I got on my demo skis and also went to an online DIN calculator and adjusted the bindings to match that DIN (the ski shops close to me don't do any torque testing or anything more than I did with a screwdriver, so I don't feel too bad about this), which took another two or three minutes. So, set up time fifteen minutes going really cautiously without much clue of what to do, but it could probably be honed down to five minutes with some experience, comfort, and knowledge. 


The skis look great, that's a personal opinion, but one shared by my friends and people who also have seen the top sheet. As much as I want to say that I am above aesthetic concerns and only care about performance, looking at last year's top sheet makes me wonder if I would have been as enthusiastic to buy the skis. The shovel is noticeably big at 129, but doesn't look out of place and hopefully the ERA 3 technology will make it seem normal on the groomers. It is a bit stiff to hand flex, but definitely easier than the aforementioned Blizzards, which was a welcome discovery. 


The skis have a nice all-mountain profile. Moderate amount of camber underfoot, definite early rise rocker, and a bit of a flared tail, though far from anything in the twin tip category.


I was making a choice between these, the Blizzards, and the atomic nomad blackeye ti. I chose the Heads because they seemed to be more flexible than the blizzards and come at a cheaper price point. I wasn't a huge fan of the blizzards when demoing, which also made my choice a bit easier. I didn't have easy access to the atomics or I would have tried them as well.


Overall, fantastic first impression. This ski is everything I was looking for and hopefully will work really well for all conditions I'll come across. I should be heading out tomorrow to go skiing on some "packed powder" and icy conditions and I'll report back after that.


Got out skiing today and I'm only liking this ski more!


About me:

5' 10", roughly 155 pounds, young and athletic


These skis are 7 cm longer than my rental skis that I was on, 15 mm wider underfoot, and considerably wider in the shovel and tail, with the introduction of much more tip rocker. It took a couple of runs down easy stuff to adjust to the feel of these skis, but once I became accustomed, they felt sublime.


Snow conditions today were pretty bad - it's been rainy and above freezing here over the weekend, so crusted hardpack is about the best description I can give. There was a constant scraping noise going down piste and hockey stops produced minimal slough. Basically, these were the conditions that made me most nervous about buying a ski at 80mm width as my northeastern one ski quiver. However, the revs delivered and delivered well. I didn't notice at all that they were more in the all-mountain range than in the slalom or frontside carving range and these skis held an edge superbly well and rocketed me across the slopes as I was coming across a turn.


Short turns worked well, too, and I was able to vary turn shape and size pretty easily with these skis. The characteristic that became most obvious, though, was dampness. I had come across it a few times reading about head skis and never really understood what it meant until I took a couple runs with these attached to my boots. Stuff that previously would have been a little bumpy or uncomfortable to ride across just got smoothed out. It was incredible and I didn't realize a pair of skis could cause that sort of quieting of the ride. For me, it was like moving from a car with two flat tires, to new race slicks.


I was most concerned about feeling like I had too much ski attached and that never became an issue. These skis don't feel heavy or hard to throw on edge or too stiff to flex. In general, they were easy to work with and provided good feedback, but were never rough or impossible to handle. I highly recommend trying them out.


I'm hoping to get onto some steeper stuff (some trails weren't open for me today) and into some fresh snow in the upcoming week to check out how this ski performs in other conditions and I'll update then!

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You probably want to take them to a shop and have them tuned and waxed BEFORE you ski on them.  

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That's the plan! Head to a shop tomorrow morning to have them checked out and then go skiing in the afternoon.
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I have last year's model and so far loving them. Very easy to ski on and forgaving, my TT80 will try to buck me off if I mess up the movement but rev80 pro doesn't complain and keep going. It holds well on ice and can handle crud and bump more than I can. I don't see what's wrong with the graphics but I'm not an artsy person, so really couldn't care less, and perhaps the sticky fingers will go for prettier skis instead. biggrin.gif
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Are you still skiing the Rev Pro 80 skis?  Any chance you can give a followup review after close to a year with the skis?  I am looking into the Rev 80 Pro and the Rossignol Experience 80 at this time.....but leaning towards the Rev 80 Pro.  

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I should add that I am looking at the Rev Pro 85s too.  Not sure if going that wide would be a good idea for me.  I am solid intermediate.

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I've been skiing on these skis for about another 30 days since last updated and my love has only grown. I'll do more a report later this evening, but rest assured I'm very happy I purchased and they have worked in everything from patches of blue ice to about a foot of fresh at MRG.

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Originally Posted by Fisch View Post

I should add that I am looking at the Rev Pro 85s too.  Not sure if going that wide would be a good idea for me.  I am solid intermediate.

You'll be fine. You'll love them on lake effect days. It's a very versatile ski. The only limit is on really hard ice. I wouldn't hesitate to bring a pair to MI.
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I can find some of the same year/models for a great price.  I posed this question to jmrobins about his 2014 Rev 80s.  How about your 2013 model of skis?

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Still loving the Rev 80 Pro?

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I think I am pulling the trigger on this ski this week.  It just seems like the right ski for what I like to do and for the types of hills I ski.   If you had any warnings for me just let me know before the end of the week! :o)  (Kidding)

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I just spent a day at Sutton on them, still no complaint, did very well in the double/triple diamond bumps and trees.

Well maybe one, they are insta-sink in untracked snow, but it would be unrealistic to expect otherwise.
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I've really put these skis through the paces this season. I've taken them on race courses and used them in competition for GS, I've taken them through a foot of new snow at MRG and skied trees and bumps and everything possible there, I've "skied" ice after a rain period without snow, and, just yesterday, I took them out on some icy/hard bumps. They've performed well at all of these things and I'm really happy that I bought them and have been using them. I think you'll be incredibly happy with the skis and will use them for many seasons to come.


A few things to note - they definitely dive in fresh/untracked snow. There's really no way to avoid this and this ski is definitely not made to be a powslaying surf machine. I didn't buy it for that  and I don't expect it to be my snorkel-day ski. It does SUPER well at busting through crud and with a couple of inches of new snow, I find them a joy to ride. They also are pretty soft flexing, or at least that's how they feel to me, but I don't find that to be much of a problem and I don't think it affects how and when I carve my turns, or at least not noticeably to me.


I would suggest getting the contact points, especially the tip ones, detuned because I have experienced some hooking. Maybe that's just me and having bad form or maybe the shop I went to tuned really sharp and it's not HEAD, but I think it's something of which you should be aware.


Overall, fantastic ski and I hope you're having a good time with them.

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