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70 lb racer - GS skis

Poll Results: GS ski length - what works for your 70 lb, av ht, 10 YO racer (u12)?

Poll expired: Feb 28, 2014  
  • 100% (1)
    GS 151 +/- cm
  • 0% (0)
    GS 142 +/- cm
  • 0% (0)
    GS < 142 cm
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GS ski for a 70 lb (10 yr - U12 girl), aggressive, fast skier as U10.  Currently on 151 GS (Head).  IMO the 151s are too long, her coach says she can turn them.  Many other coaches (not hers) comment that they are too long for her size and warm/humid snow conditions.  I keep deferring to her coach.  Her results this year are similar to last year, no improvement in GS, possibly doing worse.  After reading several posts seems like the GS skis are too long for her weight, esp. for a girl.  Is it too late in the season to switch back to 142 GS, even if her coach says she can turn the 151s?     

:snowfall  snowing here :)

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If you still have the 142s, I would give them a daughter is same age, almost 15 lbs lighter and not doing any serious racing on a light 120 "GS" ski (Blizzard)...I could maybe see her on 130s and if she was heavier and training more, on 140s, but certainly not on 150s.

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My 57lb U10 is on 145 Fischer GS and my 80ish lb U12 is on 156 Blizzards....they are both doing fine with that length.

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