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This year's EpicSki Academy at Snowbird has received an incredibly strong reception. We've already got roughly three quarters of the available spots for the first session filled.

So, we are pleased to announce the opening of Session 2. If you were on the wait-list or were simply waiting for us to decide, we invite you to complete your registration for the February 1-5 dates. The event begins Feb. 1 with an evening icebreaker, with skiing & instruction Feb. 2-5. The week concludes with a gala banquet on Thursday, Feb. 5.

Everything about the event is identical to the earlier event except the dates and the coaches: all our coaches will be drawn from the same faculty, but some will be able to participate only for the January dates, and some only for the February dates, being as they are in high demand at their home areas. As we get closer to the dates we will have a better sense of which coaches will be teaching at which session, but right now we aren't in a position to make promises about who will be teaching when. Just remember, the key feature of the Academy is that every group leader is a seasoned professional at the top of his or her game!

If you're on the second session list, you have until the end of the month to sign up and send in your money at the early enrollment price of $650. If you aren't on the list but sign up for the second session by the end of the month, we will give a $50 program credit for helping us get the ball rolling (sorry, no referral discounts for enrollments getting the program credit).

We're very excited about the this news. If your schedule kept you from considering coming to the Academy in the last week ofJanuary, perhaps the first week of February will work better for you.

Hope to see you at Snowbird in January or February!


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