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What skis to take to Jay Peak

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I have a trip scheduled to go to Jay Peak in a few weeks while im on spring break. I'm just wondering what the snow and conditions are like up there right now. I have never skied this mountain before so i thought it might be a fun place to check out. Ive heard rumors of the great terrain and plentiful snowfall, and i finally get to go check it out. So, should i take my Salomon Xscream Series, or my Elan SLX's? I also may go down to a shop that i have good relations with and pick up a pair of rossignol B1's or B2's just for fun, but ill probly want another ski with me just in case.
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As you may know, I ski on the Bandit XX in all conditions. Jay can be all things, and I've skied there in icey conditions, snowy conditions, whatever. I've skied my Rossi T-Power Shorty Slaloms, K2 Mod 7/8's [now called Axis], and the Bandits. Just bring a pair of skis that's versatile.

The great snow the northeast has been getting has not reached this far north, so plan accordingly.
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Bring the screams. Have fun
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I agree with PJ. Bring the XScreams. The Elans won't be versatile enough for what you'll probably find up at Jay. Even if some of the trails are boilerplate (rare), you can spend your time in the glades. Or worse comes to worse, you can rent skis at the base shop that would be more appropriate.

The most fun I've ever had on skis was up at Jay when I left my soft slalom skis in the hotel locker & rented a pair of 165cm K2 fat skis (Big Kahunas, I think) on a weekend they got a 3' dump!
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Try to get a hold of the new 2003-04 Head i.M 75. With a 113-74-103 sidecut and a 15 radius this ski will do it all. It floats in powder and with the intelligence chip, it stiffens up on the ice and carves edge to edge real well. I have used it in the trees and even in the bumps and for a wider ski, it's edge to edge capabilities are fairly amazing. In fact, I used it at Jay Peak three weeks ago for three days. Try itif you can- you will like it.
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I wouldn't bring the race skis. While there is plenty of snowfall, conditions tend to be somewhat "natural" i.e. good chance you'll hit something, especially in the woods. So take the Screams.

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If your driving take both.

I ski Jay with my SLXs. Yes they are work in powder and somewhat stiff in the bumps but they do work. I've also skied Jay after a rain storm where when after the rain stopped the temperature dropped to 15 so the glades were all closed and all the trails were eastern hard pack (three different times last season). Then I was glad to be on the SLXs.

If your up for lessons (knowing your a racer) ask for Dominic (sp) Groden (ski school technical director) he will show you a good time in the woods or on the trials and is an Elan Rep.
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Take the Screams,..and aim for the powder! Jay has had enough powder to make it fun!....OBTW, they're expecting more this weekend (Sat)...depending on when you are going.
We just had 2 feet in the Berkshires, and the conditions are just plain awesome!
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