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New to Me: 07' Stockli Stormrider SS Pro 188cm

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Well, this is my first post, and first attempt at a review. I recently went through the process of buying new skis (which had me excited like a child). So naturally, I spent a ridiculous amount of hours researching this site, and others. I came across the Stockli's and they seemed to be a good fit for me.


Ski: 07' ish Stockli Stormrider Scot Schmidt Pro in 188cm

Binding. Atomis Neox 14RS


Me: 6'4" 220lbs.

24 yr old

Skiing since 4 yrs old

Like to ski fast groomers, steeps, trees,  avoid bumps like the plague (just not fun for me...yet)


Test Place: Snowshoe, WV - I know its not out West but until i can get out there again I will call Snowshoe my home mountain.

Presidents Day Weekend - Snowshoe got like 3-4 feet of snow starting that Thursday, so the conditions were awesome (fresh snow everywhere off the trail, groomed powder, turning into bumped up crud late)


The powder was deep and on the heavy side(for some reason the majority of people at snowshoe didnt want to play in anything of trail so it was all me and my buddies). The stockli's were pretty decent in the powder, at 89mm they arent exactly powder skis, but not skinny by any means. Took a little while to get used to, but as long as I leaned way back (the skis are heavy) and kept my speed up I didnt have any trouble in the deep stuff. 


Trees: These things are big, long and heavy but I still had a great time in the trees. Suprisingly quick edge to edge, as long as you concentrate i think you could ski these in the trees anywhere.


Groomers: WOW, this is where this ski wants to be. Absolutely rips. GPS Speedo said 70mph on Sunday Morning first run on Cupp Runn. Take that with a grain of salt, i dont know how accurate the GPS  works in Mountainous Terrain ( somebody once told me if you took West Virginia, squished it flat, it would be bigger than Texas.) Arcing big turns was awesome, silky smooth damp feeling, incredible edge hold, did I mention fast? Raced my brother(exact same size and skill) who was on 188cm Stockli Snakes, and while those Snakes are fast, the Stormriders just pulled away. 


Crud: Afternoon time all the runs were crud, big heavy chopped up stuff. The SS Pro basically took no notice, blasted thru everything at ridiculous speeds like they didnt even notice. I would say they can definitely be called a "Crudbuster".


I like they way the look, not as "busy" looking as new skis. Maybe I just like flying by people on big purple boards with yellow flames.


So if anybody is looking for a big all mountain ripper (exlude bumps) and doesnt want to spend an arm and a leg on a set up, look at these. They can be had with bindings for about $500. and I cant imagine technology has changed that much, besides whats wrong the the wood core and metal layer set up anyway?

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Hi - Welcome to Epic. I owned the shorter length of these, at 165 lbs, they were all I could ever want for charging variable snow. For a guy your size who knows how to ski, the 188 should be sweet. And they'll last approximately forever...

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