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Amazing trip, and very fortunate that the weather and mother nature looked kindly upon me.  

As the opensnow guys said, an atmospheric river has been hitting the Pacific NW for about the last 2weeks, and it delivered


A lot of my photos did not turn out, as it was snowing so was mainly just a background of white.  

Go to the whistler site for some of the recent professional promo videos and photos instead.

As far as the snow, the rental poles I had went all the way down past the grips on the glacier, so that's at least 48"+ of soft stuff.  If you have powder baskets do bring them.

The size of wb is everything.  You will notice a definite difference in snow and terrain styles if you're on lower, middle, or upper mountain.  With that much acreage there is so much soft stuff available for everyone, without the huge aggro rush to ski it out.  The map may seem simple, but each of the lifts are actually pretty long lifts, and the equivilant of 2-3runs on other mountains.


One thing we did is took the free mountain tour at 11:30-1:30 for the Glacier, as well as some of the hosts' favorite runs with the extra leftover time.  The glacier is a must do if you come to whistler.  It is definitely a unique experience.  

The main run itself is only a blue or high blue, it is not an extreme run requiring expert skill to do.  The blue run to just get to the Glacier lift is more steep than the easiest way down the glacier itself.


It requires a small hike about the height of 2 flights of stairs which is enough of a deterrant to separate it from the rest of the resort.  Then after taking a breather, you will find yourself in a huge white arena in relative peace with only a few small dots way in the distance representing other skier groups around.

I am not a backcountry guy, but I can imagine this is a bit what skiing in the backcountry is like.



Even on a Saturday, it was just four of us and two hosts, so it was a pretty personal tour with locals who knows the mountain backwards and forwards, and moreover are exciting and enthusiastic about skiing in general.

Also, with the small group, there is not a lot of waiting for a group to regather back together so you can mosely along pretty quickly and get to rip up some of the host's favorite runs for about the 2nd hour after the glacier tour.  

All tips go to the avi-dogs should you feel 2 local volunteers (unpaid except for lift perks) showing you around for 2 hours is worth some extra consideration.


Finally, another thing to cross off your list is to do the peak-2-peak gondola on a more clear day.  Take some pictures.


No lines greater than 5min on the lifts, even on saturday, except the initial morning loadup which was a bit longer.


3days was not enough to even see a portion of the mountain.  We stayed on the Blackcomb side, with only 3hours on the whistler side, and that was not enough to try even a significant portion of all the named runs.


Expensive to fly to vancouver direct, (cheaper to seattle).  But once you are in vancouver, many shuttle options to get you to whistler in about 1:40-2hours time.


Finally, if you were looking for canadian flavor, do note that a huge portion of the staff seem to be Aussies or from the UK, so practice up on your "no worries" as well as your "eh?s".

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