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OK, I put this in Jeb's thread, but thought 3 ski impressions could stand on their own.



one of these is gone next year, but the other 2 are still around, but after a wonderful week skiing w/ my family at Mt Bachelor, I thought I'd put up a few impression, along w/ a review of a mtn and a ski shop.


First off, I am not affiliated with any brand, or shop, am a level 3 instructor (from many years ago, not much teaching anymore).

My skiing has been shown here a variety of times, but lets just say, smooth, careful, quiet, finesse, 170lbs, ski at moderate speeds in almost all skier shaped snow (groomers are just for access to fun).


vid of me skiing this week on Hell and Back for reference:


Hell and Back: 177

i own it.

love the shape, distinctive sidecut, tail and  minimal early rise tip, full camber.


this one skis quite traditionally, but is more lively and rebound is quicker then most of the skis I've spent lots of time on (due to lack of metal i believe).


if you give this ski energy, it will make any shape turn at any speed, and give back a bit of rebound for your efforts. I carves, drifts and skids comfortably, but prefers a more carved turn.


FX 94,


super friendly ski, light, lively, but stable with refined feel. really broad range of skiers and abilities could excel on this one. not as much energy as hell and back, but smoother and easier.




lively, light and fun, but with less camber and the early rise and less pronounced tail, are nice in tight spaces, and happy to drift, they are not as easy to hook up as a more traditional shape. for many, it is probably good fun, but definitely liked to be more "in" the snow then "on" the snow imo. 


we had another vid, 

Dawg on Kabookie, me following him on Hell and Back. maybe Dawgcatching will post it here.


for me, my Nordica was the best fit of the 3. But they were all great skis. As I said in Jed's thread, there are so many great skis in this middle range, but style and mass are so important in choosing the right one for you.




As far as Mtn:

Bachelor is GREAT! I hadn't been there in years, but with 7plus feet of new, and super fun trees, the family and I had a blast.



for the first time ever, I visited Village Ski and BIke, in Sunriver. I have skied and rode bikes with Dawgcatching over the past years, but never been to the shop. The staff was friendly, helpful and set kids up with new helmets an googles, proudly on display in this pic. I've always thought Scott was great study of skis, and a straight shooter, so it was good to check out the shop.


Getting some pow for 4 days with Tahoe as it looks was a nice bonus too!




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