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(Need help) What are these and what are they worth?

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Hey guys brand new to the forums and i need some serious help, I've been searching around and trying to find out what these skis are worth as im cleaning out the garage. Please post any info you have on these as well as a price. They look like antiques in my opinion. :)




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They're old skis.:D They aren't worth anything, although there are people on this forum tell you that they're better than anything made today. If someone offers you money for them--any amount--take it.

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Thanks so much, anyone else have any info or want to buy? Im sure these would look cool mounted on a wall.
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While there may be an odd collector or two, most straight skis end up in the dump or your local salvation army store.
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Generally, if they don't look like wood, they're not wall hangings. Colored top sheets ended the use of skis as decor.
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sibhusky: Too funny, I am wearing my Big Mountain baseball cap as I write this! My sister lived in Big Fork for several years before moving to Sand Point, I have skied and Mountain Biked on Big Mountain! Great Place! 

PS to thread starter, I see people making Coat Racks out of old skis like the one you posted. I have a pair of Rossignol 7S I still ski from time to time. Not a Coat rack yet! ;) 

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Hey Temporary 561..don't take any of this too hard..


Sorry..but what you have may be worth LESS than nothing. Plenty of us have beaten ourselves up over getting rid of old skis.

The market value for straight skis is about zero. UNLESS you find someone who wants them.Not likely.You have to spend time on looking up info about them,advertising them,answering emails

THEN..where I have lived a few places..regular garbage will not take them..you have to get them to a dump.Thrift stores around here do not take straight skis..or long shaped skis or any skis without bindings..or bindings.

I have ended up taking a LOT! of old ski equipment to the dump.


Your skis were great skis in their day..seriously. Matter of fact..yours were either rentals..or most likely demo skis..hence the demo bindings.People would go to ski store X and they would adjust those bindings to fit any size boot..off they would go..not for long though. The store would of course try and sell them similar skis..then someone else would try your skis.


Your skis are about..a dum dee dum..early to mid 1990's


Those demo bindings were light years ahead of their time..AND NOT for what they were intended for!..they were next to impossible for the general skiing public to buy at the time..they were for rentals.AFTER their rental period was done..the skis found their way onto the open market.Demo bindings were generally pretty rugged..especially the ones you have. Serious and savvy skiers discovered that with these demo bindings that ski boot position could be moved forward or backward on the ski. Not really possible with other bindings unless you re-drilled and re-mounted. I sold and mounted a lot of those demo bindings for just the above reason.


I take old skis to the dump from time to time..skis with bindings weigh about 10-12 lbs..I pay $180 ton to dump junk.If they have bindings with a high metal content..the local scrap dealer pays $220/ton for scrap metal..SOoo..I have peeled them off and thrown them in a crate..and when their is enough..I take them in and donate them to the charity scrap metal drive.


My own personal collection..I have about 30 pair of old straight skis..20 pair of newer skis..5-crates of metal bindings weighing about 80lbs each.


  I KNOW where ALL my stuff will end up.



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Turn them into shotskis or a chair . . .
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Send them to @Philpug in a box
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Thanks guys you've all been a big help!
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Perfect for Retro Day at your local hill.

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they may be worth more than you think depending on your location.  ie are you close to a known vintage collector?  what is your location?



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