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The value of boot drills

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It seems to me I have heard of a study that indicated there was no "upper limit" to the amount of boot drills that would lead to better end results. That is to say that the more you do boot drills the better the skiers skills. Admittedly, fun may be sacrificed. Has anyone heard of this study? Can you direct me to this study?


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Does anyone have any insight on this?

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I'm not an instructor and I'm not too big on technique. But it seems to me that there definitely would be an upper limit to the benefit of boot drills. It's difficult to get better at skiing without actually skiing. Drills and workouts and such have their place, but ultimately what makes a better skier is time spent actually skiing.

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I find that my boots leak something awful when I drill them. I hate wet feet.
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WTF is a boot drill?
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Boot drill being mimicking motions done in skiing but without skis on right?

I find they're great when there isn't any snow to work with. Like any drill though, eventually you still need to blend it all back into skiing
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I don't know about boot drills but how about . . . 

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They are great for maybe the first 10-20 minutes teaching never-evers how to ski.  Gets them comfortable in the boots and gives them an idea of how to do some of the basic motions.  I wouldn't push it more than that.  They will get bored. It's hard for them to make the connection until they put their skis on and actually do it. They want to get their skis on and get sliding.


That being said, once someone has the basics down and wants to work on their technique, I can see it helping a little.  If you look at a device like the Skiers Edge, isn't that essentially a boot drill to ingrain good form?

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