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Kitzbuhel february 2014

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Returned from a trip to Kitzbuhel with my wife, brother and two friends yesterday. So here's my trip report.

First of all about the trip itself, appartments, apres-ski, food.
We had a charter flight from Riga, Latvia to Salzburg.
Then we took a transfer to Kirchberg - thats one of the villages where ski lift comes down.
It costs 140 euro one direction - the cheapest I could find on the Internet.

We stayed in Rosswirt appartments - http://www.booking.com/hotel/at/rapsslwirt-appartements.html
There were two bedrooms, two bathrooms and one living room/kitchen + a balcony for smokers.
It costs 1140 (1050 + taxes and cleaning) euro for 5 person for 7 nights.
They love timers... Boot drier is on timer - at 7:30 PM it's allready switched off.
Sauna on timer - if it is switched on at 2PM, you'll have 60C (I hear finns laughing) at 8PM.
Would I recomend it? - 50/50... Rooms are clean, key cards, 2 minute walk from ski bus stop (two bus stops from ski lift).
But.. there is no wifi, there is not enough room for boots in ski room, rooms doesn't have ventilation - we kept a window open during the night.


The most popular food is burger with fries or spagetti bolognese. Portions are big and it costs about 9-10 euros both in village and mountain.
You can find junk, local, chinese, italian etc. food in the village.
Beer is typical European lager, I'm not really found of weissbier I didn't try it. Costs 1 - 1.50 euros in supermarket and 3 - 3.5 euros in bar.


Now about the ski area:
Skiable snow starts at about 1200 - 1300m. This winter is poor... 
We skied pretty much everything from this map: http://www.piste-maps.co.uk/Piste-Maps/Austria/Kitzbuhel-Piste-Map-2012-Large.jpg
The ski area is big and not very well organized...
1) I haven't done so much cross country skiing on alpine skis in any other ski resort because
there are very many flat and uphill sections on traverses, blue and red groomers.
2) Groomers are poorly marked. Really felt that in bad visibility.
3) One number, several pistes
4) There is a T-bar on your way from Resterhohe to 3S cable car - it is slow and very crowded at the end of day because very many skiers want to get back to Pengelstein.


I didn't find any groomed piste for high speed. Groomers weren't prepared that good and there were too many blind sections and many of them were crowded on a sunny day.



We had two days of fog and snowing, three sunny days and one cloudy day.

First three days
We skied Steinbergkogel and Pengelstein. Really nice blacks (17,23,38), blues are flat, except number 30 - it should be red.
Interesting forest for skiing trees near the 32 red and 30 blue pistes. Had some good time there :)

This part of map gets really crowded on a sunny day.


Next two days we took 3S cable car and went to Resterhohe and Zveitausender. It is less crowded and a lot of off-piste possibilities there.
You can go down where ever you want and reach 76 blue.
Groomers are short and not very steep. Most of it had to be blue. Traverses are unsuitable for snowboarders - flat and many uphill sections.


The last day -
Went down the Kitzbuhel downhill and reached very crowded Hahnenkamm bottom station. Didn't return there anymore.
Bottom station of black 17,23,38 was crowded too so I went to 55. Skied there without any ques.


Am I happy with this trip? - Yes, I am. I skied mountains, not hills. Weather was fine, food was fine, costs were acceptable.
Will I return? - 90% No... There are better places in Alps.

I try to get to mountains once a year and when I do it I want to feel that it is special. It wasn't this time.


Now some nice photos :)

While most of people are still sleeping.. A view on Pengelstein top station and blue 28, 29.

Some clouds...

Snow conditions...

I will add a video when it will be ready :)


Edit 1: This resort is really safe for freeriding. There are almost no cliffs. Only grass or moss under the snow.

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Beautiful photos.


Sorry the experience wasn't all you'd hoped for. Lift line looked ghastly.

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Originally Posted by Mom View Post

Beautiful photos.


Sorry the experience wasn't all you'd hoped for. Lift line looked ghastly.

I am happy about the trip, but it is time to look forward. :)  I simply missed the "WOW" effect :)

The "WOW" from previous trips:

There is a great view from Hintertux glacier and the cave of the glacier is definately worth visiting...

Last february - Gudauri (http://www.epicski.com/t/119025/georgia-gudauri-caucasus) was a gastronomical pilgrimage ... And take a look at those giants at the background :O http://skimap.org/data/1187/24/1331490866.jpg

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Thanks for the trip report. Was there in the summer, but it felt too touristy for a future ski trip then, this only confirmed the crowd thing. Hate people on my slope.
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Went there during the same time frame 5 years ago. Contrary to you, got the best skiing of my life. Dumped almost 2 meters of snow over 5 days, 2 absolute bluebird days, and some pretty sweet bowl & gully skiing. I agree the piste skiing is mediocre (with the Hahnenkamm having terrible conditions despite it being one of the most challenging marked pistes I've skied in the alps), but the off piste skiing is awfully fun. And also, the views are some of the best.

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