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Ski Logik

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In my opinion, Ski Logik make the best looking skis out of any brand, but are they really any good. They obviously put a lot of work into the design of the topsheet, but how do they perform. Has anybody ever been on them and if so are they up to the job. Perhaps I'm being a little harsh in questioning them, but every ski I've ever been on has had camber Ski Logik don't use camber. I'm just interested in general, but I'm also obviously not going to buy a ski just for it's topsheet, it also has to perform well. 

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I was given a pair of Ullr Charriots. Have skied them a few times and the more I ride them the better I like them. Maybe some adjustment from SL skis? They seem to ski everything well and carve quite nicely for a lower skilled old guy. Everyone that sees them likes their top sheet design. There the only pair I've seen on my little hill. Here they are.

Conditions were very wet and the skis blew right through the heavy cut up snow.

So to answer your question. I am pleased with their performance and durability so far.

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Nowadays many, if not most, soft snow skis don't have camber.

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Agreed, stunningly gorgeous skis.


I owned a pair of Ski Logik Rave TT.  They did indeed have camber.  Had to sell them because not what I was looking for (I didn't demo, my fault).  They were a bit too "springy" and soft for my tastes (I prefer a ski with metal rather than carbon) and something a bit more damp.  I'm a bigger guy and a charger, and they just couldn't hold it for me.  Add in the fact they were twin tips and it was a bad recipe FOR ME, since I prefer a ski with a stronger tail.


Their skis seem good, but not good FOR ME and my personal preferences.  I'm sure if someone isn't a charger. or is a bit more lightweight, and prefers skis that are a bit more lively and not damp (like those with metal that I prefer), then they could be very nice skis.


That said, everywhere where I went, everyone couldn't take their eyes of these skis.  Great conversation starters on the lifts, that's for sure.

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I own a pair of Charriots and really like them. They are holding up really well. To answer the original question, Ski Logik makes a full line up of skis. A lot of them are top rated by industry testers and owners on this forum. Not every ski is going to right for its owner, but Ski Logik has a number of "hits" in its line up. The company owner is willing to give personal advice on what models will fit what you are looking for. Go to their website and send an email if interested.


FYI, I am not affiliated in any way with the company, I just did my research and have been pleased with my Charriot  TT purchase.


Scott B

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Yeah, the skis are good.  The Ullr TT has a lot of camber and sidecut.  It is also fat at 101mm w/o rocker, so where does it fit?  For some, it is a great do anything ski. For others, something 20mm less underfoot is what they want to carve on.   I happen to like it a lot.  Others (e.g., 4ster) have noted what I also experienced: It is critical to get the tune right on the TT version.  Some people dislike skis (like Stockli)  that perform great for those people who like to engage the tips.  If you would rather slide most of your turns, you will be happier on something else.


The  117mm Rock Star is a winner.  It is a great powder ski, and I even ski it at the shorter 178mm length (I'm almost 59 and my legs tire faster).  It is billed as a "big mountain" comp ski, but is super easy to at any speed in powder (the little of it we had).  The smidgen of camber and sidecut makes it a non-terrifying event getting back to the lifts. You can actually carve them.  


Ski Logik is still a relatively new company, and is improving the flex of its skis all the time.  The materials are first rate.  I'd say the bases are harder and more resistant to gouges than anything I've ever skied.  The bottoms are also  fast, but seem thirsty for wax.  The tops will chip, but hold up as well as most skis.  The company's products have won numerous performance awards, and combined with the great looking tops it is purportedly one of the fastest growing ski manufacturers. 

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Yeah sorry, don't know why I said that they don't use camber at all, I meant to say the skis that I was looking at had no camber. I'm not looking at buying a powder ski just yet, but if I move abroad I probably will and I'll definitely look at ski Logik's. I was specifically looking at either the Rave TT or Spinster so has anybody else has any experience on either of these skis? 


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