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Great Fares Boston to Utah!

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Just booked a $236.00 round trip fare on American. Leaving Friday early morning on Fri. the 23rd, coming back on Sunday the 1st at 2:04. Delta is charging something like $449. These will probably sell out real soon, so check them out!
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That's a smokin' deal, all of you attendees in Lisa'a area should jump on that right quick.

I fly on passes from my Mom who works for Delta, and I still pay around $150 to go STANDBY!
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Cheapest London to Salt Lake City is about £320, that is around $500. And Expedia beaten for the first time. I guess for flying all the way across the Atlantic PLUS the east coast to Utah bit it's not such a bad deal!
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We just reserved flights from Boston leaving Saturday Morning Jan 24, returning Sunday morning Feb 1st. Round trip $247 each on American Airlines through Travelocity.

Thanks LM for the heads up on fares!
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