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Im Dan. 33 with a 2 little ones (21 month old and 3 month old) and getting back into skiing.  Last time I was on skis I think I was 5.  Been riding off and on since I was 15 and consider myself back to the intermediate - advanced level after being on the mountain for a day.   I have family in Denver and this past year my parents are working on finishing a vacation home in Breck.  So frequent ski trips will be in the mix.  Thought I would start looking for some good deals on ski since its nearing the end of the season.  Budgets a little tight since wife and I decided it would best for her to be a stay at home mom for a while.  On my local craigslist, I just happen to come a cross a post for Rossi Phantom SC 80 - 185s with bindings.  From the description, the skis are listed in excellent condition for $200.  Price is right up my alley.  Been in contact with the seller and pics should be coming tonight.   Appear to be a 2008-2009 model.  I saw these skis were list at $1100 brand new.  Given that these skis are in the Midwest, there is a strong possibility that these are clean and have little to no use.  Sell states that he bought them brand new a few years ago from REI and hasnt used them much.  Im guessing they were on clearance by then.


Im 6ft, 225lbs, and athletic. Switching back to skis to work with my little guys when they are ready to start and to try to convince the wife to make another attempt on the hill.  She had a bad beginner experience at Vail.  I have been trying to research the hell out of these skis.  It appears that they were only produce for a couple seasons before Rossi made a change to them.  I also would like to eventually get into the bowls.  I consider myself a fast learner.  Took me a 4 hour lesson and the rest of the day to ride a snowboard (which I didnt think was to hard) and tackling blue trails at Keystone by the end of the day.  



My question to the forum is, would this be an appropriate ski for my intentions and currently unpolished skill level?  Hope to get just 3-4 seasons out of them.  Im not looking at it as a forever ski.  Reviews seem to be mixed but more towards the favorable.  From what I have come across the ski appear to have a different feel in the 185 length.  The last of the reviews seem to end in 2010.  I have seen a couple of other reviews from riders about my size but didnt specify ski length.   Is there another option that I should consider? My head has been spinning with all the different types of skis that are available.  Should I consider a different ski that would be a better investment for performance. Thanks for your advice/recommendations in advance.