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Originally Posted by hespeler View Post

I'm not an expert skiier but I'm wondering if conditions play a part in turn shape. Does the expert skiier say, "soft, ice, whatever, I'm turning where I want." Or is it more like, "I know my skis will respond better if I turn here rather than here and I'll vary my turn shapes accordingly."


Well, I think an advanced / expert skier can turn whenever / where-ever they like.


To me, part of what differentiates "expert" from "advanced' is that the former is looking far enough down the hill to be able to plot a line that avoids the worst of it.  An expert's turn shapes and rhythm are constantly changing to take advantage of where the good snow is.  Great skiing (to me...) isn't banging out a metronome-like pattern of turn shapes all the way down the hill.


There's a big visual difference between turn-traverse-and-look-turn-traverse-and-look vs. planned-all-along-changing-turn-shapes.


I try to do the latter...  I intentionally try to not ski on the icy stuff unless there's no other choice.

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There are no expert skiers on Epicski.  (even though they could be CSIA4, PSIA3, International Coaches, Globe Winners on the WC), very few are experts here (e.g. Chaos, Josh to name two), so I won't say what an expert would do.


I will say a good skier may well choose where to turn, but it's a true choice; a good skier CAN turn anywhere that has a physically possible line. 

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I'm no expert. Xtreme is more accurate.:bs:


I skied Killington probably not less that 70 days a season from 1994-2003. I've skied my share of runs on OL in all conditions. I consider myself a competent mogul skier, and maybe even one of the rippers once apon a time.


On OL, or anywhere else, overall firm bumps with just a little bit of padding can be fun to ski, but the line you ski, the speed you carry, how much you absorb and extend, all are going to be impacted to a greater or lesser degree by conditions. The difference may be very subtle, or very obvious, depending on the skill and athleticism of the skier. The best skiers are the ones that make it all look rhythmic, smooth, and easy.


I might not be one of the best skiers, but I play one on the interwebz, so I feel infinitely qualified to blather on like I know what I'm talking about.:words:

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Some expert history for you MT,:D


Originally Posted by volantaddict View Post

Sweet, we have never had this subject discussed at length before. I mean it sure would be nifty, if someone had already started a thread, and if there was only some means of finding the thread on the topic, then you could just add to the existing thread instead of starting a new one.
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Actually, I'm from Texas, which automatically makes me an expert, or Texpert, as we like to say around here.


OK, kidding. Just go with it...

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Originally Posted by markojp View Post
Originally Posted by Montana Skier View Post

I"m still here and reading all of the posts.

I think lessons are a great idea, but are beyond incredibly expensive at my local ski hill (Crystal Mountain, Washington). It's something like $300 for a 3 hour lesson and I'm hard pressed to pay $100/hr for a ski lesson.

The other suggestions are great and I'm working to implement them.

You've got a less expensive option. Sign up for the Wed. or Sat. adult pro clinic . 4 hours for $150. You'll probably have a group of three or four. Call the ski school and ask.


Or the 4 hour "Blue Run" Group lesson. $89, that's a bargain



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Originally Posted by MT Skull View Post

 I skied with someone last week who just kind of carried her poles around all day. Never planted them once. I didn't have the heart to tell her she could probably have left them in the car for the day.


Just tell her ski poles are for jousting with snowboarders.  :duel:

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