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Early Registration Deadline Extended

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The August newsletter is about a week later than we'd hoped getting out, and it delivers some big news on the coaching front. So we've decided to extend the early enrollment deadline until September 15, 2003 to give people time to act on that news and enroll in next January's program at the early enrollment discount.

As a result, if you enroll before September 15, 2003 your cost will be $650. After that date the price increases to $725. You can hold your place at the discount price with a deposit of $325. For more details, go to the enrollment package link at the top of this page.
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Hey, gang--

A few things.

Reminder, you've got another week to enroll for the Snowbird program and still take advantage of the early enrollment discount. If you're thinking about it, now is the time to act.

Second, we aren't very corporate or formal. If you are trying to get yourself organized to come to the Academy and need some help or are having a problem, let me ( dwightcramer@msn.com or nolo ( jrostad@paragoncoaching.com ) know, and we will accommodate you.

Third, Bob Barnes made a comment in another thread about encouraging beginners to come to the Academy. Bob speaks for all of us in expressing our excitement and enthusiasm for using our program to introduce new skiers to the sport. We naturally tend to attract expert, advanced and intermediate skiers, but we offer a unique opportunity to introduce beginners to skiing with a level and quality of instruction that is simply unavailable anywhere else. So, if you are thinking about coming to Snowbird in January but are unsure of your own ability level, don't worry about it. And if you are thinking about including others in your plans who are not such strong skiers (or have never skied) they will be welcomed as eagerly as an all mountain expert!
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Thanks for extending the early registration date.

Unfortunately I may have a work situation that make it difficult to commit by 9/15. So I have a couple of questions:

* Is there an absolute deadline for registration. How late can
we commit.
* We are considering attending both the Academy and the
Gathering in Jackson. Is group transportation planned from
SLC to Jackson and back.
* The group rates are great in SLC, when will the blocked rooms
be released. Are there group rates associated with the


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We have no absolute deadline for registration, other than the event being filled to capacity.

Extended Stay America lodgings are not blocked out--they will be first-come, first-served.

Our room block at Snowbird will be released October 27. The special room rate will be honored until 12/24/03, but we will be competing with other Snowbird guests for rooms after Oct. 27.

I am not aware of any special transportation having been arranged yet between the Academy and the Gathering. Can anyone else help out with information?

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Thanks! Looking forward to being at both. We are all set, other than scheduling my work around my skiing and convincing my wife.
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Hello, all!

There are only three more days to register for the 2004 EpicSki Academy at Snowbird for the early enrollment price of $650. We will be taking enrollments and deposits through Monday, September 15, at that price, then the cost goes up. We have an extremely strong turn out so far.

I'd also remind you that if you can't make January 26-29, 2004 but could come to a second session of the program a week later, PM or email me now and we'll honor the early enrollment price for that session if we hold one and you put your deposit down promptly after we announce the decision.

Finally, we are not going to ding anybody whose check, paperwork or whatever reaches us after Monday, as long as it was postmarked or in the mail by then. This is one school where if you claim your dog ate your paycheck, we'll believe you.

Best to all, and think snow.

Dwight, a/k/a sno'more

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