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what skis for me?

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I'm a 66 yrs.,5'8", 150-155 lbs. I live in telluride Co. I can ski anything anywhere. After numerous injuries and surgeries I'm no longer a hard charger. I'm looking for an all mt ski. I ski a 176 legend pro comp at Snowbird, and 165 legend 8000 here in Telluride. When things get hard I'll ski a 165 Fisher RX9. Those are my go to skis. I still have excellent balance and finesse. I'm thinkin 98 underfoot, but maybe not. Help me out here. Pedro

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The Salomon Quest 98 and Line Sick Day 95 are two skis that are exceptionally easy to ski in mixed conditions. Neither is best for real heavy or really aggressive skiers but both have a light, nimble feel and are a bit soft snow biased. Both are very good  and although the graphic of the Line makes it look like a ski for a 15 year really isn't.



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I have 177 Salomon Rocker 2 90s with S914s mounted in the line for a 307 BSL that have about 3 days on them. Been having too much fun on my Sickles. Great shape. Would fit uiur needs well. PM me if interested.
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